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Migraine Prodromes! You Think You Know Everything! Do You?

PRESS RELEASE My latest academic journal article is published (pre-pub status). It defines what prodromes mean to migraines. In general academic literature, prior to my publication, prodromes simply precede migraines but for no apparent reason. The only exception is aura migraine … Continue reading

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The New Fad: Alternating Carbs-Fat Diet! BAD!

There is a new fad out there that alternates between fat and carbs burning diets with cheat days. Let me try to post the video here that is trying to do a great explanation about what it is. Below the … Continue reading

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It is published today!

PRESS RELEASE Finally, it is officially published today. The html link is now working to my latest academic published article. It debunks all (I mean ALL) research of the past that “proved” that increased salt in diet increases blood pressure and … Continue reading

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