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Why I write this book and not someone else.

An Amazon Book Review that Made Me Cry

A Special 5* Review for Stanton Migraine Protocol’s book I would like to share a very special review I received on my book at amazon yesterday. It made me cry a few tears because the story is so familiar to … Continue reading

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We Totally Got Migraine Wrong

PRESS RELEASE What is Migraine? The answer is not pain. I found that the majority of those who have no migraines or never met anyone with migraines know migraine as a pain in the head. The truth is pain is … Continue reading

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How running Marathons led me to the cure for migraines (Part Two)

Originally posted on Reflections of a Violinist:
(Continued from Part One) I started researching why people get sick particularly after marathons and discovered that all of my symptoms pointed to a condition called “hyponatremia,” which is caused by low sodium…

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How running Marathons led me to the cure for migraines (Part One)

Originally posted on Reflections of a Violinist:
Perhaps it seems counterintuitive that an activity like running, which for me often triggered migraines, actually led me to the cure for them. But indeed, it is true. I first experienced migraines as…

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Share Your Best Blog Post

An interesting site!

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I am re-blogging an email exchange that is posted by a fellow blogger who since has become an email friend. This is a very serious blog that contains two of my emails to Louise that she asked for permission to … Continue reading

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Welcome to Stanton Migraine Protocol Website!

Source: Welcome to Stanton Migraine Protocol Website! My new website for migraine sufferers who wish private consultation about the Stanton Migraine ProtocolTM

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Magnesium and Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

Originally posted on rinspre01's Blog:

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A Life Trashed as the Legal and Medical Systems Shook Hands

The Story of a Bridge Champion Who was Killed by Medical Cluelessness DO NO HARM! The story is about my mother and how a life can be lost in the hands of completely incompetent and clueless doctors and how they … Continue reading

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