Testimonial from a Migraine Sufferer


Over the years I have received several hundred (maybe add a zero to that) testimonials from migraineurs who use my protocol, which is LCHF or my special ketogenic diet, designed specifically for migraineurs. I sometimes share a testimonial here and there. I am sharing this one because it is so amazing. Although this migraineur permits me to use his name, I prefer not to since he is an attorney. Enjoy the story.

About my interview with BioHackers Lab:

“Angela is my guru. Loved your interview on Biohackers.

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An Apology–Thank You Dr. Lundberg

It’s Not the Fat That Makes Us Unhealthy

***This is a re-post of Dr. Lundberg’s note found at MedScape it is also in video but you need to have an account to see it. The re-post is based on copy-paste, with link to the original. There is nothing added or subtracted from his comment. Here is what he said and wrote. Since this entire piece is a quote, I am not placing quotation around it. Just understand that it is not me talking here:

George D. Lundberg, MD

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The Ripple-Effect of Bad Science

Real Science?

“When scientists die, their published papers live on—even if they’re based on lies. Downloaded in seconds from anywhere in the world, fake results continue to steal other scientists’ time, influencing their choice of which research avenues to follow and which trials to design and seek ethical approval for.” (here)

When I wrote my blog last week Taking Apart Bad Science, I had  not yet read the article from which I took the quote above. Coincidentally that article and my blog published on the same day.

What Bad Science Is & What It Does

Good scientific findings make the news much less often than headlines based on bad science. Unfortunately, the science you hear on TV or read about in newspapers is more likely to be bad science than real science. What do I mean by bad science? Bad science can be bad  for two reasons: Continue reading

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When Bad Science Can Harm You

Taking Apart Bad Science

Today, an article made headlines around the world that was published by The Lancet: Public Health, a side-shoot of the top academic journal at the moment. The article is open access so you can download and read it if you are scientifically minded. I copy-pasted parts of the study to show you the many errors. I incorporate my thoughts here and there, breaking the quotes and bolded particularly important sections I need to talk about.

“Study design and participants

The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study is an ongoing, prospective observational study of cardiovascular risk factors in four US communities (Forsyth County, NC; Jackson, MS; suburbs of Minneapolis, MN; and Washington County, MD), initially consisting of participants aged 45–64 years who were recruited between 1987 and 1989 (Visit 1) Study participants were examined at follow-up visits, with the second visit occurring between 1990 and 1992, the third between 1993 and 1995, the fourth between 1996 and 1998, the fifth between 2011 and 2013, and the sixth between 2016 and 2017…”

Note that this study has six different time frames, each of which is several years apart.

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Are You Eating Anti-Nutrients Instead of Nutrients?


I just finished watching an awesome 28-minute video from Dr. Georgia Ede about nutrition. The discussion was supposed to be on depression, but as everything that is part of the body, nutrition also drives mental health or illnesses. So before I could count till five, she was discussing nutrition.

In case you are short on time, I have screen captured five essential slides from her presentation that I will post here and explain what is what.

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Aimovig–New Migraine-Prevention-Drug Myth


Aimovig™: A Miracle Migraine Treatment or Unnecessary Risk?

article was just released. I wrote this article after a long research period of this new drug that received FDA approval just recently and some migraineurs are already on it.
The research quite strongly shows that the drug doesn’t work as intended–only a couple of migraine-free days are gained per month. I have migraineurs who are on Aimovig who joined my migraine group because it doesn’t work.

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Stanton Migraine Protocol in the Daily Mail!

The Daily Mail writes:

Can you cure migraines by eating more SALT? That’s the controversial suggestion by one US neuroscientist – but what do leading experts think?

The article was just published in the Daily Mail newspaper by Jane Feinmann, a journalist, about the Stanton Migraine Protocol, one of my migraineurs, and me. This (rather careful) article was written as a result of a YouTube video, recorded in speech challenge class, where my migraineur decided to make her public speech challenge into a testimonial for the Stanton Migraine Protocol. You can find the video here:

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Migraineur Testimonial on YouTube

Migraine is Not a Disease

The ultimate testimonial from one of my migraineurs is a speech she gave in which she refers to her migraines and how she no longer has them and why.

She mentions my name as Angela and discusses one of the most important part of my protocol. In case the embed doesn’t work, here is the link to her speech.

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The UK is going LCHF!

Oh Why Can’t We Watch This in the US?

A Facebook friend from the UK sent me this message:

“Just watched a fantastic programme on BBC1, ‘The Truth About Carbs’ featuring Dr David Unwin and his diabetes reversal programme. The low carb programme has been accepted by the Royal College of GPs and is being rolled out across the UK! At long last, wonderful news! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃
So excited!! Can’t believe I just watched this and the announcement at the end is fantastic! 😃😃👍🏽”

Unfortunately this is a BBC ONE program and is not available in the US as a result of some legal gibberish! If you are in the UK, watch it here.

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Is Gluten All You Should Worry About?

Prolamins: Guilty as Charged


My latest blog article was just published today on whether eating gluten-free is enough for health. I give a perspective of grains you have never heard of before. Please share to all–whether they are gluten sensitive or not. If you decide to eat grain, at least understand what you are eating!

Comments are welcome as always and are moderated for appropriateness.


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