Interviews and Other Goodies Update

Podcasts, Lectures, & More!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to add anything to my blog. I am posting links to two podcasts, one belatedly for lack of time, and an organization that hosts lectures, some of which I recorded–those yet to be posted. I am recording the last one this week!


Latest podcast with Casey and Bethany. This podcast is a bit of mix of everything, including my original research field, which is Neuroeconomics, and, of course, migraines. I truly enjoyed the questions I received! They were different from the other podcast interviews I had in the past. I finally also slowed down my speaking so you can even understand me! 😁🙈 I hope you enjoy listening to it here or if you prefer YouTube, here is the podcast (voice only):

Another podcast, which aired several weeks ago is here with Scott at The Carnivore Cast or here if you prefer YouTube (voice only):

Lectures & Conference

And, in between, I had been busy recording lectures for Nutrition Network where you can receive continuing educational credit if you are a healthcare provider and taking courses–including mine. And lastly, I have also presented at the World Summit on Nutrition in early March.

So this has been a very busy two months period. More interview to come next month. And I hope to write more as the year will come closer to its end, since I am also writing the 3rd edition of my migraine book–the 2nd edition Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide: How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines can be found here.

I hope everyone is well, staying healthy and happy!


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Hydration, Protein, Ketosis–a Video Interview

Electrolytes, Water Retention, Protein, Ketones on Keto and Carnivore with Dr. Angela Stanton

The latest interview with Vanessa Spina, SNS, on all things exciting about the ketogenic and carnivore diets. We could go on for hours chatting! She has such wonderful conversational style. I love interviews with her–this was my 3rd

Enjoy and comments, questions are welcome, as always, and are moderated for appropriateness, as always.

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What Will They Do When It Happens To Them?

Covid Denier Catches Covid — From NBC News

Change of Heart and Mind

These days I can hardly take a step or turn a page without bumping into some naysayer about Covid-19. I was on my hike in the hills the other day when a woman came toward me on my path, which was a narrow one, and so I stepped aside to let her pass–since we were hiking on a difficult trail, neither of us wore a mask. Huffing and puffing from extreme exercise is not possible with a mask. Then again, I didn’t expect to bump into another human on my trail.

She yelled toward me as she saw me step aside “No need! There is no Covid!”. I looked at her and told her “interesting because I had it”… She looked back like she saw a ghost and continued on her path as if the conversation had never taken place. Continue reading

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Long Covid, Short Covid, Don’t Know If Covid–What Do You Have?

Do I Have Long Covid?

This is a good question that we may never find the answer to. This is a personal story but it also incorporates the stories of thousands of people who have similar stories. While the conspiracy theorists and denial theorists are trying their hardest to twist the Covid story to be unrecognizable, some people–millions actually–are silently suffering with and dying from Covid.

What’s with the chasm between those that don’t believe and those who are sick?

One thing: those that are in denial haven’t yet caught it… I wonder what they will say if they do catch it? It won’t be pretty I can assure you that.

What’s The Story?

Covid harms, even if it doesn’t kill. In fact, I never had Covid. Or so I thought, until I got a phone call from my pulmonary doctor asking: “When did you have Covid?” I was at the steepest part of my daily 3-5-mile hike in the hills and I just about fell on my face! I said “What do you mean? I have not been sick at all!” And then he explained that on my last lung CT scan a week earlier (October 2020), I showed the classic ground-glass-opacity shadow, what is a potential “scar” from Covid. Continue reading

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Eating Your Way to Death–Literally

Just How Much Proof Do They Need?

A post from one of my migraineurs today initiated the most amazing reaction in me. I felt angry at people and sad but amazingly, also quite happy when I read what she wrote. With permission, I copy-pasted her comment. This was in response to others posting their anger at how demoralizing it is that when most doctors hear about the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R), they roll their eyes; when the migraineur tells them that they are migraine free, they still want to prescribe them pain killers even though they have no pain. And they never ever ask about what they eat.

Why does the world not see that food is medicine and while food can cure, it can also kill?

People are so addicted to their beloved foods, that not even seeing their loved-ones heal, become healthy and happy, can convince them that they should try the same. Here is the migraineur’s comment: Continue reading

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Do Masks Help Stop the Spread?

Comments are welcomed, as always, and moderated for their appropriateness.


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Are We Out of the Woods? Covid-19 Update

Mask or No Mask

Before you read this post, check the video out at this link (click on the little image “laser light experiment” in the article). This is from an academic article.

To most, this is the big question: do we really have to wear a mask every time we go out of our homes? SARS-Cov2 (SC2) is the virus, and Covid-19 (C19) is the disease it causes.

To answer this, we need to look at many questions:

  • Are masks equal in how they protect and whom?
  • C19 is seasonal, right?
  • I already had C19 so I cannot catch it again and I am safe without a mask
  • Can one have C19 without symptoms?
  • Can one show C19 symptoms without having the virus that caused it?
  • What about Herd Immunity?

Lots of unanswered questions, so let me jump in. Let me start with the last question and continue from there coming to the first question at the end. Continue reading

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Carnivore & Keto & Hydration

Watch The Latest Interview

Comments are welcomed, as always, and are moderated for appropriateness,

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Covid-19 from Up-Close

The Story of Covid-19

Over the past several months, there have been many guesses about a new virus, Sars-Cov-2 (SC2). Research and some publications (academic, pre-prints, and blogs) have suggested various hypotheses. The prominent issue to be explained properly was the puzzle of hypoxia (lack of sufficient oxygen) that manifested in an unusual way: often the sick were still chatting away happily while their oxygen saturation dropped to dangerous lows. This later came to be known as happy hypoxics because with the level of hypoxia they showed, they should have been incomprehensible or unconscious, and not be walking and chatting with doctors or with friends on the phone. Yet they were and this was never seen before.

While most medical facilities rushed to judgment and labelled the hypoxia as ARDS and caused by pneumonia, the symptoms didn’t quite fit the diagnosis. Pneumonia usually starts as unilateral viral, taking on one of the lungs and not both. Later it may become bilateral as it turns to bacterial. However, regardless whether it is viral or bacterial, cough with heavy phlegm and sputum is strongly associated with pneumonia. Yet in the case of Covid-19, the cough is unproductive and dry. It is nothing like pneumonia.

ARDS seemed more on target with the symptoms, except for the big difference that in the case of ARDS, the patient is not talking, walking, happy hypoxic, but is barely conscious. So nothing we knew as a “disease” fit the bill as Covid-19 took hold. Ventilators clearly weren’t helping. Most patients on ventilators died–some hospitals reporting an astronomical, over 80%, death-rates of those placed on ventilators.

There were lots of discussions about hemoglobin and how the virus somehow takes hemoglobin out of the red blood cells; discussions about too many red blood cells plugging up the whole body and circulation, and other similar points of views. Then, all of a sudden some doctors discovered that many patients suffered blood clotting problems. This article still discusses lung problems and coagulation as two different problems. This article discusses the clotting in the lungs as pulmonary embolism, as if it were distinct from Covid-19. And here we can see the first signs of actual understanding. Indeed, when we talk about coagulation of the blood, we need to look at what is causing the blood clotting, where in the body, and how. Crucially, kidney failure was starting to become frequent and dialysis machines started to clog up with the platelets, which formed the blood clots. What was happening?

Endothelial Damage

Continue reading

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Herd Immunity, R(o), and a Virus We Barely Know

Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19 Without Politics

Sometimes, in late 2019, a new virus, which we now call Sars-Cov-2, launched an attack from somewhere in China—or at least this is how we understand. It attacked silently at first. By silence I mean that no one really understood that this was a new virus; many facilities everywhere thought they were dealing with the flu. After all, this was flu season.

I am not going to touch up on politics and will stick strictly to the virus and the disease it is causing, which is called Covid-19. As I am sure by now you know that it is a corona virus, I am not going to spend too much time on explaining what the virus looks like. It is pretty actually, with spikes.

Looks are deceiving though because it is not a pretty virus though it seems extremely efficient and effective. Continue reading

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