Osteocalcin and Atherosclerosis

The Secret Cholesterol Theory

Completely accidentally I bumped into an article about osteocalcin, and it turned out to be something pretty important. My research about the fight-or-flight mechanism, which is associated with migraine, led me to this article. Those of you who follow me know that my research is in migraines and not with cholesterol. My understanding had been that when humans encounter danger or stress they respond with a “fight or flight” which is initiated by the central nervous system and stress hormones, such as adrenaline(1). According to this article this is not the case.

The initiation is performed by osteocalcin (defined and discusses below.) What’s osteocalcin’s connection to cholesterol? Actually, nothing directly but plenty indirectly, through calcium.  Atheroma is calcified (calcium filled) cholesterol forming atherosclerosis in all the wrong places, and a very negative condition. The sequence leading to it is as follows:

Stress => Osteocalcin = T2D, Atheroma, Calcium, CVD

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Statin Lies

New Article is Revealing: Do Statins Really Work?

A new article, by one of UKs most prominent cardiologists, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, was just released. I also saved this article as a PDF, in case it mysteriously disappears, since in the past, articles, podcasts, and similar, have often been pulled by financially negatively impacted people when information like this was released. So in case the article ever disappears, you can find it here: Do statins really work_ Who benefits_ Who has the power to cover up the side effects_with my highlights–the darker the highlight, the more essential the information.

Do We Need to Reduce Cholesterol?

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Yet One More Junk Paper in JAMA Internal Medicine

Will they EVER learn statistics?

The paper Association of Animal and Plant Protein Intake With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality, an “original investigation” (whatever that means, since they just crunched numbers), published on the 26th of August–this paper is behind a paywall. Interestingly, a nearly identical paper with a nearly identical title, published in the same journal in 2016: Association of Animal and Plant Protein Intake With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality, with the same outcome. And what is that outcome?

Animal Protein Causes Earlier Death

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How Far Will They Go?

To The End!

Fighting for what science shows can harm your reputation, make you lose your job, and… who know how far they will go!  This the story of Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D., an investigative science journalists:

“I became the subject of attacks by those with vested interests. Secret documents revealed food industry giants initiated ‘active defence’ against me (and others) for challenging their marketing messages.

It manifested in social media attacks, industry-sponsored propaganda by so-called ‘experts’ paid to undermine my credibility, critics’ calls for my sacking, and vexatious complaints about my scientific integrity.

Eventually, our entire team was axed from the ABC. The TV executives who promised to support us, the same people who approved and applauded our programs, were now the ones walking us all out the door.”

As always, things must be understood in context. The context here is revealing that statins Continue reading

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Can Potassium Harm You? One More Time!


Hot off the press! My latest article published on HormonesMatter with a ton of extremely important details on potassium.

This article is based on an email discussion I had with an emergency hospital cardiologist friend. It is written in a Q and A style with additional thoughts after each of the doctor’s responses. This article is a bit more medically challenging and revealing than what I wrote before on potassium.

Potassium is an essential but very dangerous mineral!

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Hypertensive 90-year Old Recovers on the LCHF Diet

An Unusual Testimonial

I receive lots of testimonials in my FB migraine groups. I usually post them on my migraine testimonials page, which, by now, sports several hundred (if not over a thousand) testimonials. However, I sometimes receive testimonials that are not about migraineurs successfully recovering and preventing their migraines, but about family members who are not migraineurs, but use my protocol anyway.

Here is what I received from one of my migraineurs, who placed her 90 years young mother on the Stanton Migraine Protocol® way of eating.

My mom’s 90. In April, when I joined protocol, she went off all grains and sugars; increased her salt, water, protein and animal fat; and now, three months later, she consumes only very small amounts of protocol-friendly fruits and vegetables.

She’s taken maximum doses of 2 hypertension meds for about 30 years. BP has been normal every time we’ve measured since 3 weeks into this WOE [way of eating]. We were able to cut one [medicine] in half and will hopefully be able to dc it soon. Really astonishing, yet logical.

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Ketosis for Migraine?


My first article published on Medium yesterday. I have been quite skeptical about posting articles on Medium. Many of the articles I so far read are OK but most I read are provocative and not necessarily in a positive way.

Out to Make Money or to Challenge?

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Silence on the US Front–News Flash of US Research from the UK!

The Missing News Flash

Wouldn’t you know it?! If you had wanted to learn about research done anywhere in the world, including in the US, about the potential harms associated with the low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of saturated fats, the cholesterol that will kill you if you eat eggs, or that you will up and die on the spot from increased dietary salt, look no further: news flash will hit you in the face everywhere you look.

However, if you want to read about research done anywhere in the world, including in the US, about the potential benefits associated with the low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of saturated fat, eating those amazing eggs, or the potential of increased longevity and heart health from increased dietary sodium, look everywhere but in the US for news flash. Continue reading

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Carbohydrate Teaser


So you thought you knew it all about carbohydrates? Maybe not.


In an article published here earlier today, I help you learn a lot more about carbohydrates than what most people know about them. I discuss what carbs are, if we need any and if do do then why, and if we don;t then why not. I also explain fiber, few of the many types of antinutrients in carbs. More importantly, I discuss the differences of macronutrients in terms of fuel versus nutrition and what that means to those wanting to eat right. I also discuss some of the things that are not in carbohydrates, such as omega 3 fatty acids in the form humans can metabolize, and the role of the much glucose we eat on insulin.

I hope it helps you see what carbohydrates really are as opposed what we think they are.

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Migraine: What’s Diet Got to Do with It


A month ago I was interviewed by Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter for the Human Performance Outliers podcast. We discussed migraine, how I see migraine, what it is, what causes it, how to prevent all migraines, and abort some that may sneak through.

Here is the YouTube link in case you prefer to watch it on YouTube.

If you prefer just voice, the original sound recording is here.

If you are a migraineur or know some, please share this video and also my Facebook migraine group with them.

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