New YouTube Interview

A super cool video on just about everything. I hope you enjoy it!

We talk about migraine to start with but soon switch to economics, neuroeconomics, mathematics, and education. Fascinating and highly controversial subject.

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New Alliance with Request A Test

For those who don’t have some/all blood tests covered by insurance or their doctors don’t want to order some tests they wish to have.

Today, November 18, 2022, Request A Test medical testing company released two packages that they created with my recommendation. I designed these specifically for migraine sufferers, although obviously they can be used by anyone.

One of the tests is for the evaluation of all of the vitamins and minerals that can be problems to migraine sufferers. You find this test here. It is a combination of previously available packages and individual tests now bundled into one.

And the other test is a test for cardiovascular health that incorporates insulin and vascular inflammation caused also by homocysteine and not just cholesterol, plus previously available cholesterol tests, like NMR. You can find this test here.

In addition to having these tests available to you, if you are in my migraine group on Facebook, you also receive a discount code.

Join us if you are a migraine sufferer!


Comments are welcome, as always, and are monitored for appropriateness.

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Ketosis & Measuring Ketones Explained

(Image from google)

By Popular Request

Over the years I have been asked several times to discuss ketones (as in ketone bodies), ketosis, and the measurement of ketones or the level of ketosis. The word “ketone” is commonly misunderstood by the public and often misused by commercial interests. In this article I hope to dispel some myths and correct some mistaken ideas, not only in terms of what ketones are but also how we can measure them in our body and what information each measuring method may reveal.

What Are Ketones?

In the above image, which I copied from an academic article over a year ago (no longer remember which one), you can see that there are three types of ketone bodies. These three types are measurable and are the most understood by today’s science.

The picture should be read by starting in the middle top, where you can see “Fatty Acids” that are converted to Acetyl CoA, which then magically appear as Acetoacetate. This process is complex, and I won’t cover it here. Nevertheless, it took us to the first ketone body: Acetoacetate. To the left and right you can see two other ketone bodies, and arrows indicating the direction of the conversion. So, Acetoacetate can convert to Acetone in one direction (to the right), meaning that Acetone cannot convert back into Acetoacetate. Once it is Acetone, that’s it. And if you look in the other direction (left side), you see 3-B-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) with a double arrow, meaning that when Acetoacetate converts to BHB, it is possible for BHB to convert back into Acetoacetate. This will become important!

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Are We a Generation of the Addicted?

Are Some Foods Addictive?

I ask this question and provide answers in my latest blog article at Hormones Matter. Below a very much shortened version. I hope you read the full article to understand the full concept.

…While we all recognize drugs and alcohol as addictive substances, today, one of the most common addictions is to food, specifically to carbohydrates. Yes, carbohydrates. What is a carbohydrate? It is basically a sugar such as glucose, fructose, and starch. I am sure by now you have heard the news that sugar is addictive, but do you know that there are many foods that are high in carbohydrates that don’t taste sweet at all? For example bread, rice, potatoes, legumes, etc., are full of sugar without tasting sweet. In these foods the sugar is in the form of starches, which are long chains of glucose molecules, but since we lack enzymes that can break these long chains into individual glucose molecules, we don’t taste their sweetness. Yet they are full of addictive sugar…

The Addicted Brain

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Are You A Migraine Sufferer?

All You Need to Know About Migraine:

Watch this video: Angela A. Stanton Ph.D. (me) being interviewed by Florence Christophers at the Kick Sugar Summit in September 2022.

Since this is not a YouTube video, I can only link and cannot embed. Please watch the video here.

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Why I Left Academia

When I started my doctoral dissertation and the associated research, I was absolutely full of love toward what I was doing. I worked on understanding how specific hormones in the brain (neuropeptides) modify human decision-making. I ran clinical trials and published several articles. Here is chapter 2 of my dissertation published in PLOS One. It is one of their top papers in terms of citations. Great stuff! But then the troubles start. You get your PhD and you are on your own.

Publish or Perish

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Depression vs Serotonin “Antidepressants”


An Incredible Find

An amazing statement at the end of the abstract of this article (open access article):

“The main areas of serotonin research provide no consistent evidence of there being an association between serotonin and depression, and no support for the hypothesis that depression is caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations.”

(Moncrieff, J., Cooper, R.E., Stockmann, T. et al. The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence. Mol Psychiatry (2022).

And, to make it worse, look at this last sentence:

“Some evidence was consistent with the possibility that long-term antidepressant use reduces serotonin concentration.”

Meaning that when you supplement serotonin, your brain starts making less! This achieves the exact opposite results from what is desired, and this explains why so many people end up taking multiple serotonin medications for depression, which can lead to serotonin syndrome, a killer that killed my mother!

Importantly, migraineurs often end up being placed on antidepressants under the pretense that migraine too is a serotonin deficiency, just like depression. But we know that migraine not a serotonin deficiency. Migraine is a genetic condition caused by various conditions that initiate an electrolyte imbalance and the brain simply ends up running low on salt. The Stanton Migraine Protocol(R) works perfectly for migraine reduction and prevention without the use of any medications.

In fact, since we now understand that if antidepressants are prescribed, the end result is having less serotonin in the brain than what was there before! So what serotonin supplementation achieves is less serotonin made by the brain! The exact opposite of what is intended.

By contrast, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence (counted by the tens of thousands of people by now) whose depression moved to remission when they dropped plants out of their diets and moved to an all animal diet.

Share this article with friends and relatives who are taking antidepressant medications.

Comments are welcome, as always, and are monitored for appropriateness,


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Quora on Migraine

My Quora Page Header

Endless Stupidity

I have been a member of Quora for many years. I get “request for answer” from many Quora subscribers every single day and about 90% of the requests are associated with migraines, asking pretty much the same questions. Of course, I am requested for the answer since I am a migraine specialist! Now… the problem is that every time I get basically the same questions (3-5 times a day), I provide the same answers with the same links. I created a “form answer” of sorts that answers the same questions all the time, with links to my talks, papers, etc.

Apparently Quora wants responses to provide different links to the same questions! Does that make any sense to you? Not to me! I think it is stupid! You’d think it is only the algorithm, right? Nope! The person responding to me said the same thing: we want different links and answers to the same questions. Yep! Quora for you! The only reason I haven’t yet given up on their stupidity is because I feel sorry for the members who are asking honest questions. If I can help them, I feel I should. But there is a limit.

I decided to post all my Quora answers here and also on some of my other blogs, and once in a while I will link here, sometimes to other blogs, and sometimes provide the full info on Quora. All will still contain the same information though… lol.. This is my last effort on Quora. If I fail in this, I just drop them like a cold stone. I don’t need them at all! And I hope the people looking for help with their migraines will find me through other platforms.

Below, those with migraines will find all the answers they need to learn how to abort and prevent their migraines without any medicine.

What is a Migraine & How to Prevent it

Migraine is preventable. Migraine is a genetic condition, which sets up an extreme sensitivity to carbohydrates and a need for much higher sodium content of the electrolyte than typical. The solution to this sensitivity is that if you stop consuming carbohydrates and increase salt and water, you can prevent migraines.

Migraine is caused by an electrolyte imbalance as a result of the over-activity of the sensory neurons. In a migraineur’s brain, the sensory neurons have much more connections than the same neurons in a typical non-migraine brain. This is why migraineurs tend to be overstimulated by strong bright lights, strong odors, loud sounds, more sensitive to touch, and some (like me) also are super-tasters, so more sensitive to spices. More connections mean more “chatter” and so a healthy myelin system is essential.
Because of the hyper-reaction of the brain to sensory stimulus, it generates more voltage—voltage is communication in the brain—and that extra voltage uses more sodium. Migraineurs need more salt in their diet to counter this effect. Migraineurs are also glucose sensitive (carbs intolerant) because glucose removes sodium and water from cells—therefore, carbs reduce sodium even more, causing a migraine.

Please join my Facebook migraine group to learn much more:

Read my summary on migraines here: read also this article Migraine Cause and Treatment: and Functional Prodrome in Migraines .

Read this book about migraines and you will find answers to all your questions. I discuss the cause, the mechanism, and how to prevent migraines in great detail.

There are several video interviews on which I have discussed the cause, prevention, and treatment of migraines without medicines. Here are a few of them:

Classes Taught & Presentations:

World Nutrition Summit 2022: Migraine Treatment and Prevention by the Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Nutrition Network

3 lecture hours on migraine plus an hour of personal interview. These classes are for healthcare providers, and offer continuing education credit: This class requires payment to the organization of Nutrition Network.

You can see an introduction here: “Angela Stanton, PhD & Jayne Bullen – Neurology”

Nutrition Coalition in the UK: The Stanton Migraine Protocol®: A Masterclass

I talked about the cause of migraines and how to treat and prevent it without medicines. This course is for CED for medical professionals. This organization requires a membership that is not free.

YouTube Video Interviews:

A Complete Guide To Migraines with Angela Stanton, Ph.D. on Boundless Body Radio!

The Low Carb Lifestyle Podcast by Tracey McBeath

“The Stanton protocol for dealing with migraines| ft. Angela Stanton |PART 2” with Astrid Naranjo Accredited RD & Nutritionist

“Everything you need to know about Migraines.| Angela Stanton PhD | part 1” with Astrid Naranjo Accredited RD & Nutritionist

“ Podcast: Angela Stanton on Migraines and Low Carb LCHF & Keto Diet”

“LLVLC Podcast with host Jimmy Moore: Angela Stanton Takes Us To School On Migraines, Hormones, & Keto Carnivore Diets”

“Stop Migraines On Demand”–Dr. Angela A. Stanton with Dr. Pete’s Keto Club:

“MeatRx Carnivore Community Meeting with Angela Stanton, PHD” with Dr. Shawn Baker:

Nutrition with Judy (Part 1):

Nutrition with Judy (part 2):

Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter: Episode 109: Angela Stanton – Is Your Diet Giving You Migraines?

The Ketogenic Girl: Keto & Carnivore: Electrolytes, Water Retention & More with Dr. Angela Stanton

MeatRx with Dr. Shawn Baker: Dr Angela Stanton – MeatRx Community VIP

The Ketogenic Girl #2:

Biohackers Lab: Natural Migraine Relief (Stanton Migraine Protocol Review) • Dr Angela Stanton PhD

Podcast Interviews:

Boundless Body Radio: A Complete Guide To Migraines with Angela Stanton, Ph.D.!

Fitness Confidential with Vinnie Tortorich:

Podcast with Vanessa Spina on protein:

Boundless Body Radio:

Carnivore Cast:Dr. Angela Stanton – Migraine Relief, Electrolytes, Keto/Glucose Brain Metabolism:

Bisu: Preventing electrolyte imbalances – how to beat migraines, keto flu & Bloat – Angela Stanton, Ph.D.

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone: Angela A. Stanton PhD:

Articles written by others based on interviews with me:


Hoofdpijnet (Netherland Migraine Association): “Treating and Preventing Migraines without Drugs According to Dr. Angela Stanton: ‘More Salt, Less Sugar, Enough Water”:

The Daily Mail (UK): “Can you cure migraines by eating more SALT? That’s the controversial suggestion by one US neuroscientist – but what do leading experts think?” Can you cure migraines by eating more SALT? That’s the controversial suggestion by one US neuroscientist – but what do leading experts think?

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Migraine Interview Again

New Interview

I keep on forgetting to upload the latest interviews here. There are just so many and more are coming. Here is the latest! Enjoy and let me know if you have any comments or questions:

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What Foods Are Best to Eat?

Screen capture from google with search word “nutrients”

We often discuss what foods we should be eating based on macronutrient contents, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrate. We also discuss that potassium and sodium should be in a particular ratio, but we seldom if ever discuss foods in terms of their micronutrients.

The paper “Priority micronutrient density in foods” by Ty Beal and Flaminia Ortezi (see: DOI: focuses on certain micronutrients and generated various graphs and tables, of which I include here a couple and explain what they mean and how to understand them. The nutrients they were looking at were iron, zinc, folate (B9), vitamin A, calcium, and cobalamin (B12).

What these scientists did was look at these micronutrients from the perspective of how many calories worth of a particular food you would have to consume to get 1/3rd or 1/6th of the RDA, which they named here as AR, meaning average requirements. Of course, this article is limited within those micronutrients of interest to them, so this paper doesn’t contain potassium or sodium or selenium, and others nutrients, for example. With all its limitation, I think it provides a great understanding of what foods to eat most and why, and it also points out if there is a fallacy in the plant-based climate saving plan.

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