Stanton Migraine Protocol in a Dutch Magazine?

Stanton Migraine Protocol in Dutch Magazine

Stanton Migraine Protocol in Dutch Magazine

The Success of the Protocol is in the News in the Netherlands—in Dutch.

Surprise! An article appeared highlighting me (including my photo) and the Stanton Migraine Protocol, based on my book: Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medications’ (2017) by Angela A. Stanton, Ph.D, ISBN 9781546976370

Here I quote a few sentences from the article and the picture is partly whited out because of copyright protection; this magazine is by subscription only. If you are interested to read the original article (in Dutch), here is link to magazine and look for the article title: Migraine behandelen en voorkmen zonder medicijnen. I also add a bit of extra to place the article into context. Continue reading

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Video Testimonial from a Migraine Sufferer

Testimonial for the Stanton Migraine Protocol and for the carnivore diet:

To see hundreds of testimonials, visit my testimonials page here and browse–kudos to anyone willing to count the number of testimonials posted on that page.

To look for more testimonials, look at the reviews of the book here–139 testimonials there at the moment.

Comments are welcomed, as always, and are moderated for appropriateness


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Where is the Critical Media?

Donuts sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken

Donuts sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken(R)

Where Is That Damned Critical Media When It’s Needed?

How come they only complain loudly when we talk about red meat and eggs? Do you suppose that eating a steak and eggs is worse than this new sandwich from Kentucky Fries?

Full nutrition information: Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift: The Importance of the Right Anecdotal Evidence

The Power of Anecdotal Evidence by the CEO

Tracey D Brown CEO ADA

As many of you know, I have been writing about nutrition for several years. Usually the story is disappointing because most of the time it’s about debunking a badly formulated peer reviewed academic publication. Well… here you are in for a bit of a surprise!

Continue reading

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Beyond Keto Summit–Learn from the Experts

The Upcoming Excitement

Join virtually the Beyond Keto Summit. The video shows the speakers–one of them is yours truly. I discuss migraine. Lots of topics are covered, from diet to heart health to Alzheimer’s to sports and many more. The Summit is free to watch live here. Sign up and enjoy the presentations. It starts January 29th and goes through February 2nd.

See you there!


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Do You Like To Drink?

An intoxicated man drinking beer

An intoxicated man drinking beer

Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

The gym I go to sends regular emails with suggestions and interesting facts. The email I received today sparked my curiosity, because it asked a provocative question: Does alcohol make you fat? The question linked to a blog article provided the answer.

You all know me by now… 😉

Few things can pass without a good criticism on my part, unless it is written with all angles considered and discussed. This article came so short in this requirement that I posted a response under comments–it is in moderation queue as I write this. Below is a copy-paste (with edits… forever typos… lol) of what I wrote in my comment. Continue reading

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Ketosis, Fad Diets, & Facts


Do you know what a fad is? It is defined as

an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze (Google dictionary)

What this means is that any way of eating (call it diet if you will) is a fad if it is widely shared with enthusiasm, short-lived, and has no claim of a factual base. Continue reading

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Keto-Mojo Blogs About Stanton Migraine Protocol


The long-awaited story about my work on migraine prevention is published on the website of Keto-Mojo. Keto-Mojo is a California company that a few years ago started to sell an excellent quality blood glucose and blood ketones (beta hydroxybutyrate or BHB) testing kit. When I first heard about Keto-Mojo–frankly I no longer remember where I heard of them–I already owned every single type of blood glucose and BHB testing kit available in the US. Continue reading

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Bad Science & Social Media Chatter

Image from The Lancet

The Power of Social Media over Bad Science

Can the common folk change their destiny by openly discussing science (good or bad science, even those that are just mimicking research)? Recently, on Twitter in particular, scientific debates are daily. Some of these debates can become less than cordial, but, on average, the ugly and the constructive sort of balance out. Often the constructive wins. Here is the latest example: an article originally published by The Lancet that received a nasty treatment from many online discussions—including from me, see here, here, and here. Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Beat The Vegans To It

They Did It Again

The Game Changer movie is out and is sweeping through the minds of men of all ages! Yep, they will try the vegan diet because of the penis part of the movie. I am not going to talk about the penis story. It was the highlight of the movie in the eyes of all men for sure!

There is nothing better than to appeal to the ego when we want to sell a story (or an expensive car or purse or jewelry). Humans seem to live for being different from thy neighbors. While a designer purse or red convertible are likely to catch the eyes (not heart) of a young female beauty on the street, getting more and bigger erections (while sleeping and you have no clue about them) may be an equally provocative eye-catcher for men. I am not a man so just guessing here. Continue reading

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