Carbs, Fat, Sugar, & All That Jazz: A Willett Lecture

I Could Not Believe It

A friend posted a short YouTube clip on Facebook of an answer in response to someone in the audience that one may think was taken out of context. So I asked for the link to the full video, which you find here, only be warned that it took me two days to actually be able to watch this video. I suppose after the short clip the whole world went to watch the video and the NIH website went down as a result. Because of this, I uploaded the video here and added a few comics and emojis starting at about 49-minutes where the question/answer period is:

I watched the video now at least 3 times because I still can’t believe what I am watching and hearing.

So let’s back up: Who is Dr. Walter Willett? And why do we care? Continue reading

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Newsflash & The fallacy Of Percentages

The BBC Announced!

The BBC announced–and continue to announce all over the world–that red meat increases bowel cancer by 20%. Now lets look at the statistics they refer to:

  • “For every 10,000 people in the study who ate 21g a day of red and processed meat, 40 were diagnosed with bowel cancer
  • The comparable figure for those who ate 76g a day, was 48″

And they have a bunch of bacon on the cover… this one:


Image from the article. In case you are not aware, bacon’s first classification is that of processed meat.

To summarize: 40 people eating less red meat out of 10,000 get bowel cancer and 48 increased red-meat-eating people out of 10,000 get bowel cancer. The suggestion is that this is a 20% increased rate in bowel cancer rate as a result of eating more red meat; so the suggestion is that red meat causes cancer. Continue reading

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The Potassium Myth

As some of you who follow my blog know, I specialize in migraines–though this blog is primarily a “resistance movement” blog of sorts. I usually grab a product or a disease or a status and mock what the establishment recommends. This article is slightly different in that I hope to also inform.

What Is Potassium?

Potassium is important in our diet–it is a mineral that is necessary in our electrolyte. If we look at the USDA recommendations for potassium, the RDA is age dependent, but for the average age-group of my readers, it is 3400 mg a day. How much is 3400 mg potassium? Continue reading

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Cymbalta: Hell Trap


I was contacted by a migraine member in one of my Facebook migraine groups (I have two, one is here and the other here. She knew that I often write about medicines (Drugs of Shame series such as on Topamax, Statins, Aimovig, and on SSRIs in general) that harm people. She sent to me a story about Cymbalta. The story was written by one of her friends, who is the wife of the person on Cymbalta. The story was such an eye-opener that I immediately asked if I could publish it. You find the story here.

On the day of the publishing Cymbalta: A Neurological Damage Machine it was shared and read several thousand times. Lots of people take Cymbalta! Don’t take any of your friends for granted and don’t assume that they don’t take it! Please ask and help them see the monster!

Comments are welcome, as always, and are moderated for appropriateness.


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Medical Misinformation–a Letter About Statins

I am member of an email group of scientists, medical practitioners, and some other experts from all over the world–you would likely know most of the names if I listed them. Today I received an email communication that I felt I must share. With the permission of the author, I am copy-pasting it here for those of you interested in the whole truth about statins, research, and academic publications associated with such work. The topic is about misinformation–nothing new to the readers of my pages.

The Letter

Subject: About medical misinformation

There is much evidence that the cholesterol campaign may be the main cause of the crises in the health care system in many countries; not only because of the obesity and diabetes epidemics that started shortly after American authorities without any scientific support had introduced the high-carb low-fat diet at the early eighties, but also because millions of patients and healthy people all over the world have been prescribed a drug with minimal benefit, if any at all, and with many serious side effects. Continue reading

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Does Anyone Need Statins?


Several readers of CluelessDoctors asked me to write about statins. I wrote a complete essay on the subject at here that explains all you ever wanted and deeded to know about statins.

Is there anyone who doesn’t need statins?

Must we take statins? Some researchers and doctors most certainly think so. Some even recommend adding statins to drinking water. This is obviously a rather dangerous proposition. After all, if we really don’t need cholesterol, why does our body make it? And if statins are so essential that they should be in the water to drink by all people in all life stages, then how come that our body didn’t add statin as an essential nutrient as part of evolution?

Can we suffer from statin deficiency?

Continue reading

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Letter to Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen

I wrote the following email to you in December, 2018:

Dear Dr. Stordalen,

I read about your personal story and health condition, and watched your TED presentation, in which you said that there is no cure for your health condition.

As an autoimmune disease, there is a strong chance that there is a way to at least place the condition into remission. I found an article for you that was a case study on a health condition–like yours–from 1932, which was completely cured by ketosis.

I provide the link here to the article and also attach it:

I know that the ketogenic diet is against your principles. In particular, the reversing effects materialize most from autophagy, which starts at about 16 hours of not eating. The entire immune system replaces at 48-hour mark of not eating. These are based on modern research–much from Longo et al., and others. I don’t want to bore you with a list, in case you are not interested.

I hope this email reaches you. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I am glad to help.

Yours truly,

However, I received the following response from Continue reading

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The Eat-Lancet Commission: The World’s Biggest Lie

How Did I Get Involved?

Good you ask. Last year, an email was sent my way from Harvard University to coax me into enrolling in one of their courses, offered to both professionals, such as nutritionists or doctors, as well as to the public. The course is titled Evidence-based Optimal Nutrition: The Quest for Proof. I looked up the course, and while all my better judgments told me to drop it, curiosity killed the cat… it didn’t kill the cat but it sure killed Harvard!

I enrolled–it was cheap, only $49 for either version of the course. As a PhD I qualified for the professional and I really wanted to see what they teach about nutrition to professionals! Wow!

Buckle your seat-belt! It is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Continue reading

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A Correct Diet Shall Include Animal Protein of High Biological Value

Therefore, A Correct Diet Shall Include Animal Protein of High Biological Value

This is a sentence taken from a textbook I picked up that I fell in love with after reading into it somewhere–perhaps PubMed or at the publisher’s site, where they allowed to read a small part of a chapter.

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry

It is originally written in Spanish and translated to English, published in 2017. Why do I think that non-American text books are always better than American?… my be my imagination…  Continue reading

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