A Migraineur in a Noisy Jazz Club Without Migraine?

Not only migraine but also medicine free!

New testimonial today: a migraineur heading to a jazz club, enjoys loud music and no migraine! Impossible? It is impossible until the migraineur is migraine and medicine free!

“Have to publicly thank Angela Stanton … this [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] is life changing! Joined two months ago, not perfect, but changes are happening that are benefiting my life in many ways. Thanks! Awesome example: husband looooves going to jazz clubs. I haven’t been able to go in years, despite also loving jazz music. Well, guess what? We went last night, and I am migraine free! Not even a little headache! This was no small feat on a Friday: we live 90 minutes south of the jazz club we like, and 90 minutes only in good traffic. On a Friday, after a storm that gave us lots of snow …” read more here.

Please share this with migraineurs you know!

I want to reach out to all migraineurs from all over the world! Over 4000 are already migraine free and most also already completely medicine free! The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is not a medicinal approach–no supplements or vitamins to purchase. There is a book to purchase but the e-book is about US$3 and that’s it. The paperback is around US$19. Nothing else to buy and no need to participate the free Facebook group either–though the group is very helpful!

It is a lifestyle change that all migraineurs can do.

Please share! Migraineurs get permanently damaged by the drugs they get from their doctors. There is a solution without drugs! Help your migraineur family member or friend or colleague change their lives for the better and help them prevent brain damage that their medicines cause by simply ensuring they don’t need to take them!

Comments and questions are welcome as always!


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The Eating Culture of Want vs Need


I just published an article today as part of the huge movement toward helping people understand what really makes us sick, why there are so many people with metabolic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and so forth.

Some of the old and totally wrong 20th Century explanations are very much still alive: eat less, exercise more, eat more “heart healthy” grains, fruits and vegetables, eat less artery clogging fat. The fact is that these advises are the very ones that created the obesity epidemic. To start with fat doesn’t become artery clogging cholesterol since cholesterol is actually made from glucose and fructose, neither of which is in fat at all but they are the main constituents of the food they recommend you eat: all forms of carbohydrates, which include grains, fruits, vegetables, and sweeteners of all kinds. Reduced carbohydrate diets provide more benefits than reduced fat diets do.

Researchers have known this for a long time but it is hard to swim against the tide of industry founded research and a medicinal system that doesn’t require its doctors to take classes in nutrition and doesn’t require those with nutritional training to update their knowledge every year! Thus, the tragedy of making Americans sick continues on a larger scale–it is global now–for the benefit of all pharmaceuticals.

The Tragedy of the American Diet

I can only reach so many people with my message but at least I try. The food you want to eat is addictive! What you eat is not what your body needs! Pay attention because you will pay the price by having to fall victim of the bad food ==> drugs that lead to lost limbs (type 2 diabetes), two seats to be purchased on planes (obesity), heart attacks (cardiovascular disease), and many really bad drugs for life with a not so happy life.

What We Want is Not What We Need

This article I published reveals the thoughts of one of my Facebook migraine group members who had a light bulb go off in a very enjoyable-to-read way. I asked for permission to share that message and I wrote my article around it. That article provides scientific proof why you have trouble dropping weight, why you have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, why there is no such as “high cholesterol”.

Even if you fall into that extremely small group of people who were born with hyperlipidemia, in which case your cholesterol is extremely high, since high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease but inflammation does, you may want to search for dietary change options other than statins. A huge study was published in the Annual Nutrition and Metabolism in 2015 that can be read here (it is nearly a book). This entire edition is about how higher cholesterol is actually better for longevity and health.

This is a paradigm shift; We better start paying attention.

Low cholesterol is associated with higher mortality even in those with coronary heart disease! Cholesterol is essential for life! Our body makes it, our brain makes its own cholesterol it is so essential for brain development and maintenance! What happens when you reduce cholesterol with a drug? Your body starts to fall apart, so…. Pharmaceuticals get to sell you other drugs and supplements that replace the minerals your body is blocked from making as a result of the use of cholesterol lowering medicines. I particularly get angry when women are prescribed statins: women live longer and healthier lives with more cholesterol!

One of the biggest cholesterol lowering medicines’ side effects is vitamin D deficiency. While I bet you thought I was going to mention becoming impotent, nerve and mood damages, cognitive function, muscle wasting, etc., since these are listed on the label of these medicines (see FDA label update here), I thought of one that is rarely mentioned instead.

“[V]itamin D is critical for metabolizing minerals and is linked to the expression of 200 different genes. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, 17 different cancers, heart disease, cognitive dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, and muscle and bone ailments. In fact, low levels of vitamin D are linked to higher rates of mortality.” (see here)

Vitamin (hormone actually) D deficiency leads to a host of problems since it  leads to calcium deficiency ==> osteoporosis; thyroid hormone deficiency ==> thyroid medicines, obesity and osteoporosis among other things) that forces D enhanced milk on us to drink and D supplementation.

Why do I mention vitamin D and cholesterol in the same sentence? Because without adequate cholesterol, your skin cannot synthesize vitamin D no matter how much time you spend on the sun! I hardly meet a woman over 50 these days who in not taking supplements for most of these conditions, all caused either by reduced fat diets, or the use of statin drugs, or both.

Comments are welcome, as always.



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Angry! I am Very Angry!

I receive tags on FB in posts about articles that publish claiming to know what migraine is. I have yet to see an article (in popular domain like newspaper, magazine and similar) that does  not start with migraine as a headache or pain disorder!

Migraine In Not A Headache!

Migraine is Not a Pain Disorder Either!

Here is my latest response to a Facebook post to an article published in The Guardian, a rather respectful UK newspaper, on migraines, which was full of completely wrong information:

…this article is total BS…. all old stuff and half of it is untrue! To start with very few people stop migraine as they reach into their 60s–many start it at that age instead. I have treated MANY people past their 60s with migraine and men as well. Also, migraine doesn’t throb… just a bunch of bull really. Please ignore ALL literature published about migraine.

I have conducted the only longitudinal study (3 years just on FB) and longer prior to that with over 4000 migraineurs by now. I know precisely the cause of migraine–I am also a migraineur….

All migraineurs in my care stop their medicines and remain migraine free, return to work and fun, etc., and never need another migraine medicine ever again as long as they maintain the necessary prevention (stick to the Stanton Migraine Protocol®). There is a prevention!

Migraine is Genetic

About 80% of the prodrome types are not known to the scientific community! Those currently in my migraine group get a great giggle about what scientists come up with because they are so wrong. Unfortunately, the drugs they create to treat their imaginary reason for migraines cause permanent damage to migraineurs’ brain and often mess up their metabolic system, which is already compromised by expressed genes that migraineurs are also endowed with (1-17). I only inserted 17 citations because I got tired of trying to prove my point but there are hundreds if the scientific community just had someone help them read all information already available and managed to find someone who can connect the dots.

I am a scientist and have connected the dots! 

The process used in medicine free and the outcome is becoming migraine free. Aha! This is the problem! If there is no pain to treat, there is no money to be made!

Pain = Money

This is a VERY serious matter. Everyone is focused on the pain because that way money can be made but

  1. there are migraines without pain (silent migraines)
  2. the pain is a symptom that happens at the end of the process cascade that leads to the pain phase–the prodromes of migraines can be far worse and more complex to understand. Preventing the migraine while in prodrome is very possible.
  3. There are several hours in which one can prevent the pain if the particular prodrome signs are observed and acted upon. I just give you one here that I already published but gets completely ignored: migraineurs get one eye smaller than the other about 4 hours before the pain hits. This is one of many prodromes that seem to be unanimously present in all migraineurs but which is not known to scientists.

I explain more migraine prodromes here.

I wish scientists would listen up but they cannot act even if they are listening. A medicine-free migraine prevention will not get research funding and is impossible to pass on to the community. Publishing in academic journals is impossible since that is against all dogma.

I work very successfully along the path of grassroots with thousands of migraineurs. Eventually it will reach a threshold number of migraine and medicine free migraineurs and science will have no choice but pay attention. My process is known already by many doctors and hospitals–I get migraineurs referred to me all the time.

I also get many short-term migraine group members from places like the Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and many other big name hospitals and institutions. Some hospitals are familiar with the Stanton Migraine Protocol® and my name as well. By now there have been at least 100 universities from all over the globe in my migraine group for a very short time—short time because if they don’t follow the requirements, they are removed in a week. They are there to learn what I do so they can figure it all out. I appreciate that they are interested but I would even more appreciate if they tried to work with me instead of just looking at the magic and try to figure it out themselves.

My system works–I personally have not had a migraine (unless I deliberately cause one for experiment’s sake) for eons but yes, I can create a migraine at any time on demand, I can stop it on demand, and I can certainly prevent them all–and Guardian, I am past the age you refer to when I should have no migraines anymore.

The ONLY thing The Guardian got right is placing their article in the “Life and Style” section of the newspaper since indeed, migraine, while genetic, is a lifestyle-resolvable problem.

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iPress Release: What is the connection between nitrates and migraines?


What is the story? Interesting findings indeed and not what you would expect! After quite a bit of literature research I found a very new connection that no one has yet discovered or discussed! I don’t just mean deli meats or bacon as nitrates but nature richly endowed fresh produce in nitrates. So should you eat celery? Nearly all vegetables are high in nitrates!

Please read the article I wrote that summarizes my findings and turns the connection of nitrates to migraines (and to your health!) up-side-down.

Comments, as always, are welcome!


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Why the Recent Milk Research Is Faulty

Why be Skeptical?

I just received a link to an article from one of my migraine group members with concern and confusion–quite understandably. I want to explain why articles like this are misleading and hope that this will help you in the future to see (and not panic!) what is wrong with them–here is the original it refers to.

The research has committed several errors:

  1. not looking at what kind of milk is consumed
  2. if grains are consumed
  3. what kind of other fats are consumed
  4. if sugar is consumed

The actual summary of the newspaper is totally misleading since the original study looks at the genetic connection of drinking milk (as opposed to eating fermented milk like yogurt and kefir) to genotypes–not mentioned in the newspaper at all. The original research isolated D-galactose as the possible cause for fractures, etc., and only looked at that and nothing else.

The Problems

Studies that take a single food item humans eat and look at that in isolation are trouble for many very simple reasons. Milk is not pure D-galactose… so if you take D-galactose and look at what that does, perhaps you will find issues. Also, people eat a variety of foods that affect how milk is absorbed and used by the body and for what. For example, look at the 4 points I listed above. Each has a major influence on how the body responds to drink.

We already know that whole milk is the only healthy milk so if they looked at skim milk (no mention of the type of milk) then we know that it is a problem. If they did not separate milk types, that too is a problem since each milk type has a little bit different mineral and nutrition constituent–these also vary by brand! No mention of any of this in the research, so this is an epidemiological study without full information. That is a major problem.

Why grains, fat, and sugar have such significant effect on the bones:

  1. Grains prevent the absorption of nutrients by blocking protein synthesis and nutrient absorption in the intestines and the gut so while you are drinking calcium, it doesn’t absorb anywhere.
  2. Calcium is a fat soluble mineral and as such you need to eat it with animal fat in order to get is absorbed–calcium that cannot be absorbed may build up in your arteries causing plaque and later trouble!
  3. Sugar uses up all insulin–fat also uses insulin (see below)–so fat cannot absorb

This study has not only not looked at the type of milk (skim versus increased fat levels of however kind) but also has not studied if the people who drink them have been on the low-fat diet all their lives, which is likely since they studied people of the older generation in particular, all of whom grew up on the low-fat nonsense of the failed heart-health hypothesis.


I pulled sugar out separately since its relation to milk is difficult and unique. Sugar has a lot to do with how milk is used by the body since sugar blocks fat absorption for fuel and stores fat away. The problem is that both sugar AND fat use insulin for transport thus there is a contest!!!

If you are in carbs burning mode (most people are unless you are on the ketogenic diet), sugar has priority and so all other good stuff in the milk–such as fat, if not skim milk, and minerals as well as vitamins–are just trouble since insulin is tied down with sugar already. The fat in milk just gets deposited rather than used for handing out fat soluble minerals and vitamins. This means that calcium is just floating in your blood aimlessly and has the chance to cause trouble.

Most likely, had they checked, all the people in this study would also have had low vitamin D and high triglycerides! These are all connected but, of course, they have not checked!

I find studies like this very unprofessional. If I were a reviewer, it would not have had a chance to see daylight in print. Don’t believe everything you read!! Even if it is in the best of academic journals and the best of newspapers! Just stay skeptical!

Comments are welcome, as always.


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Predatory vs Real Academic Publishing

Why Predatory Journals Will Take Over

Up until a year ago I have never heard of the term “predatory journal” and I would still be quite oblivious to them, had I not been told that 3 of my articles were published in them!

What is a Predatory Journal?

The official definition:

In academic publishing, predatory open access publishing is an exploitative open-access publishing business model that involves charging publication fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services associated with legitimate journals (open access or not) (source: wikipedia emphasis in original))

This definition is a bit outdated since all three articles I published in predatory journals were peer-reviewed and as one was an editorial invitation, no fee was charged. The market is changing!

Because they are in predatory journals, I decided to keep an official copy of all 3 of them uploaded here for future use, should the journals vanish. They can also be found here together with many of my other published articles (those are in real journals)–this is an article repository.

Are Statistics Misleading Sodium Reduction Benefits?

Functional Prodrome in Migraines

Migraine Cause and Treatment

Why are these Published in Predatory Journals?

The answer is simple: when a researcher introduces a paradigm shift, the articles cannot be published in legitimate journals.

For example, although JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) was interested in my Migraine Cause and Treatment paper, it wanted to see a clinical trial. A clinical trial for migraine experiment (that is well done) means placing (mostly) women in their prime of motherhood into a clinic-controlled environment for a considerable length of time. My paradigm shift process is not a matter of popping a pill! It requires several lifestyle changes.

What I would have to do in a clinical trial requires a change of lifestyle on many fronts for the migraineur because the cause of migraines–if you read my article on that–is not a single element but a combination of many:

  1. glucose intolerance,
  2. genetic mutations of the sodium-potassium pumps,
  3. genetic mutations of the ATPase transport, and
  4. possible mutation also at the renin aldosterone angiotensin pathway (RAAS) that
  5. requires manual manipulation of the electrolyte homeostasis maintenance.

This is impossible to learn how to do in one day and what this means for the migraineurs in terms of adjusting her daily life. Thus clinical trial–as our technology is today–is impossible.

What Can be Published?

Official academic journals may only publish those research articles that have been assigned a grant number–thus research without any funds from an official grant donor can never be published, even if research funds were not needed–such is my case. Research must also be approved by an ethical board even if there was nothing done to anyone. For example, in a clinical trial I would have to induce pain to prove it is possible so I can show what I do is not a placebo effect. This indeed would require an ethical board an any descent ethical board would turn such request down: one does not cause pain in patients today with knowledge! The way I work though is I need not induce a migraine! My subjects do that on their own when they derail from the protocol and admit that they have a migraine as a result! I do not need an ethical board to let my migraineurs cause harm to themselves! My work could never be approved by an ethical board because they have never seen a situation like this before.

And finally, my published research represents nearly 1000 subjects who self-reported how they felt. Cheating is easy to catch (as noted before) since complaints of migraines were always followed by evaluation of what may have caused the migraine, thus this observational study set is more valuable than a clinical trial–it is interactive.

It was also not in the interest of the subjects to cheat because who do they cheat? They were the ones ending up with a migraine as a result of cheating and that was undesirable for them.

The outcome of my research is repeatable (by now over 4000 migraineurs are migraine and medicine free). It can also be tested that it is not a placebo effect: migraines can be initiated on demand and stopped on demand. Furthermore migraines can completely be prevented. Not only have most of the migraineurs already stopped their medicines, some had surgical neuronal stimulators implanted and they all have had those already surgically removed–they remain migraine free. The proof of the process working is in the number of migraineurs who came off their medicines and remained migraine free for years now.

Can I publish this in official academic journals? Nope.

Are Publishers Concerned of the Loss of Business?

You bet! Don’t be fooled for a second: official open access publishing costs several thousands of dollars as well! In fact, they are more expensive than predatory journals (some asking for US$5,000 for an open access article). It is a rather lame excuse that predatory journals charge fees: yep, so do the big guys!

However, their business model means they are losing business. They try to smear the blame on the researchers for publishing in predatory journals because of the reputation of the journal. Really? Last I looked some of the top real academic journals had awful reputations of publishing bad science.

The official academic journals have absolutely no trouble publishing articles that analyze data collected for reasons completely independent of their research (epidemiological databases) that cannot possibly show causation–yet they publish totally erroneous causal articles BUT they had a grant number! If you have a genuine article that did not need any grants, you cannot publish! Grant number is king!

Kind of stupid if you ask me! Whether the article actually makes any sense or not–that does not matter! Only the grant number does.

Who Will Win?

It was, at first, painful to have learned that my articles were in predatory journals. But is it really a bad thing?

A predatory journal may come and go, in which case one can publish the paper elsewhere, since officially it is not published–so nothing is lost.

What if these predatory journals overtake the official academic journals?

They can. The number of academicians publishing in each predatory journal is large and growing! Much more papers are published in predatory than  in official academic journals! Academicians are perhaps still scared to cite an article in a predatory journal–many official academic journals prohibit it as well–but nothing can stop someone from citing articles from one predatory to another. A predatory may also morph into a real academic journal at one point! There is no reason for them not to do so.

Should You Care?

It depends on your goal. If you want to win the Nobel Price, perhaps you should not publish in a predatory journal but get ready to fight against a whole dogmatic school of editors and reviewers! And you may not get that Nobel Prize after all!

If you do research to help people, should you care? Nah! What does it matter if anything is published at all? If I want to achieve any success, I can just continue with my very successful grassroots movement, where over 4000 migraineurs (men, women and children) are already migraine and medicine free! It makes a lot more sense to me to help people become migraine and medicine free than to be published in an official academic journal.

My articles are attached! If you wish to read them, please do. They will remain here forever. Whatever happens to the predatory journals will be interesting since one of them undoubtedly will become the biggest academic journal in the world as the official academic journals will fade out of existence. I wrote about that earlier today.

Comments are welcome, as always,


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Why is Academic Publishing Dying?


I just published an article here on why academic publishing is dying. It is not that we academicians don’t want to publish; we do. However, walls taller than any we can climb, stand in our ways. Seldom some can break through with major tricks and others after major fights and debates–one article was demanded for retraction by 199 academicians/researchers (1 letter with 199 signatories!) from the British Medical Journal (it did not happen though!) because the truth was revealed about 60+ years of corruption and financial interests in the field of nutritional research. The fact that the article was not retracted is a huge win! However, more often than not, articles are not even considered for publication by the corruption of the academic publishing process.

Please read and share the article

Why Academic Research is Dead

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The Funniest Testimonial

Migraines Can Be Prevented Without Medicines

I often receive testimonials in my migraine group on Facebook but I normally don’t post them on this website. The purpose of a testimonial is not to poke fun of a medical institution but I found this testimonial doing that to some degree and written in a funny way that in addition to posting it my official migraine website, I want to share it here as well. My reasons?

The 100 Foot Cement Wall that Keeps Knowledge Out

The medical institution is blocking me from publishing my findings and discovery. While I am not surprised, after all migraine is a huge money-making industry and losing that money is not to their interest,  yet, if I look at the medical oath and there is a treatment, it needs to be offered. They refuse to even read it let alone offer it.

Migraineurs recover from migraines (so far over 4000 and still counting), can prevent all future migraines and if one slips through for not doing things right for whatever out of control reason, they can make it go away–all without using any medicines. This is totally against all possibilities to be released as information to the public because this treatment is not medicinal: it costs no money at all.

Therefore, by definition–it must not be allowed to see the light of day.

The Testimonial

With permission from the migraineur who posted this in the FB migraine group, I am copy-pasting with square quotes added as my additions to complete a word or statement:

“Sometimes I just want to thank Angela Stanton.

We are in the process of moving and down to the last day. I have literally thought about her at least 5x a day in the last two weeks as I use oven cleaner, scrub tile with a toothbrush and bleach, paint walls and windex Windows. Why you ask? Because I haven’t had a hint of a migraine!

I’ve been around enough toxic fumes and chemicals that would have laid me out before. Typically I stick to vinegar and dawn soap but the heavy artillery is sometimes necessary. I’ve even painted ceilings with my head tilted backward at an awkward angle.

Two of our contractors get migraines and I gave them milk and referred them to the [Stanton Migraine] Protocol. They say moving is the most emotionally debilitating event rating second after a death.

So…the full moon, my period, the stress, the paint fumes, the seriously increased level of activity and the emotions tied to all the crap I haven’t had time to sort through [because] of 5 years of chronic migraines has not brought me down! [Now] I’m simply tired….and that is normal!!!!

Eternally grateful to Dr. Angela Stanton❤️
–AF 10/1/2016

I truly enjoy receiving testimonials but this is special. It lists just about everything a migraineur cannot do and this migraineurs can do without any pain and is not on any medicines at all!

I am very proud of my migraineurs because when they recover it is a new life for them and they definitely know how to live their new pain-free life!

I am also eternally grateful to those doctors who dare to go against the dogma and have prescribed the Stanton Migraine Protocol to their patients! Indeed, those are doctors I probably had in my migraine group (there were and are many)! I am thankful for the few that share the wisdom and place their patients’ health before their own money!

Thank you doctors!

Comments are welcome, as usual!


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What Medicines Can Do: Type II Diabetes Anyone?

Adverse Reactions–Do You Recognize Them?

Ah yes, you needed a medicine to make you feel better. We all sometimes end up with medicines though statistically speaking medicines cause more harm than good. While the number of death from heroin, an illegal substance, was under 14,000 people in the US in 2014, in the same year the number of people who died as a result of adverse reaction from prescription medicines was close to 30,000. Medical errors, including the prescription of the wrong medicine or adverse effects from it, represent the third leading cause of death in the US, and many of those go unreported or end up believed to have been caused by natural causes. Some studies claim that the death rates from medical errors, including the wrong prescription medications used, claim over 180,000 lives are lost annually. Even this report is an underestimation because it only includes Medicare findings. If someone dies from the wrong prescription medicine who is not on Medicare, or the hospital does not receive Medicare benefits for care, the death of those is not included in this data. We have a problem.

I think part of the problem is in advertisements. I have a serious problem with the pharmaceutical industry that advertises prescription medicines on television for people who then grow an expectation of receiving the particular medicine from their doctors—regardless if that is a beneficial medicine for them or not! Including medicines for depression or chronic pain.

We outlawed alcohol advertisements on television yet only 2,200 people are reported by the CDC to die in alcohol poisoning annually, quite a bit shy from prescription drug caused death.

Why do we not outlaw prescription drug advertisements?

It would be a logical step to reduce drug awareness of the public and thereby their expectations from their doctors. One of the reasons why antibiotic resistance is so rampant is that people with viral infections, who don’t need antibiotics, consider they received substandard medical care if they don’t receive antibiotics. It is a reverse world where doctors are considered to be substandard if they don’t prescribe medicine.

While most medicine adverse effects are reported to the FDA MedWatch system, either by the patients themselves or responsible doctors, not all people report problems and not all adverse effects are reportable! Some adverse effects you may not realize was caused by a particular medicine you may have taken a month earlier!

The Case of Corticosteroids for Inflammation

Take the case of having to take a corticosteroid medicine (prednisone or prednisolone). It is a medicine that is so frequently prescribed that I don’t even know a single person who has not had to take it at least once in their lives. Of course, a caring physician or pharmacist will explain to take it with food, don’t drink alcohol while taking it, etc. However, here is an adverse effect you probably have never heard of and unless I tell you about it, you never would hear either.

Corticosteroids and Type II Diabetes

Not a typo: taking corticosteroid medicines, like prednisone, can cause type II diabetes. This is not an adverse reaction you will read anywhere and chances of it being reported are pretty much zero since no one will notice! I noticed it by accident! I do not have diabetes of any kind and I am on the ketogenic diet for good health (not weight loss) and migraine-free life. However, I caught a viral bronchitis. Because I also have asthma, I was immediately placed on prednisone.

On the ketogenic diet a person does not eat any sugar or sweets—in my case not even sugar substitutes—and also no fruits or vegetables much since the carbohydrate restriction is great plus I feel way better without any. It is a high fat and moderately low protein diet with minimal carbs if any. I monitor my ketosis level by both urine and blood test to be sure I am within my desired range of nutritional ketosis. I have a sweet spot comfort zone that I wish to stay within, which provides perfect glucose homeostasis. I thus measure my blood glucose—particularly after exercise—to see how much glycogen my liver dumped back into my body for glucose energy (from protein metabolism) so I can return to my homeostasis.

Enter Prednisone

Like glucose, Prednisone (and all steroid medicines) use insulin receptors to be carried around in the body. Since corticosteroid is a very important anti-inflammatory in the body, it has priority over glucose when it comes to insulin. Therefore, all available insulin receptors are tied down with steroid delivery while glucose backs up in waiting. When glucose backs up in your blood, two very important things happen:

1) your brain or muscles are not getting glucose for energy and so the liver keeps on dumping more and more glycogen (glycogen is what the liver saves as glucose for later use) back into your blood as glucose but insulin is not responding. So while you are full of glucose, you are basically starving as far as your brain is concerned!

2) As glucose is backed up, it builds up to considerably high glucose levels (my glucose reader showed 200!) mimicking insulin resistance. Keep this up for longer periods and you will end up with insulin resistance.

As you know, insulin resistance is the hallmark of type II diabetes. Taking steroids for a short course of no more than a 7-day dose pack will not likely to harm you on a regular diet. In my case it did, since I was promptly kicked out of ketosis with the scariest side effects. My blood test for ketosis (measures beta hydroxybutyrate) showed near zero level ketosis but my urine keto strips showed I was in major diabetic acidosis (that can be fatal)! There are no manuals to understand what happened and no adverse reaction report can be made. This is one of those adverse reactions that never show up anywhere and is also not ever told to you by any doctor—if you are lucky enough to find one who is even familiar with the term ketosis.

It sure gave me a great scare and major brain-work to figure it all out. I realized the importance lack of information in deaths caused by prescription medicines! I also recognized that steroids can cause type II diabetes. I know I am not the only one who had to take steroid for a cold for a short duration; I also know people who take steroids for months or years. Workout buffs trying to increase their muscles are in great danger of ending up with type II diabetes. Please tell them!

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Tasmania: Cherry Pie to replace Bacon & Eggs?


Yep, you read that right as silly as it may sound, a city in Tasmania is considering replacing the name of a city from Esplanade Eggs & Bacon Bay to Esplanade Cherry Pie Bay.

The funny thing is that this comes on the hills of the most revealing article in JAMA Internal Medicine about the scam on how the sugar industry formulated the rules of what was to be researched, found, and published, in order to ensure high sales in sugar, even at the detriment of human health and what now has become a global obesity and metabolic syndrome epidemic.  They were (and still are) corrupting all research by not permitting true findings to be published and honest research to be funded.

I wrote an article about the details and in order for you to truly understand what this is all about, you really need to read it here.

Enjoy learning about yet one more corruption revealed and the nutrition industry’s “tobacco industry” like behavior. I can hardly wait when common sense will return and kick academic ego where it belongs–out of academia.

Enjoy the reading and comments are welcome, as always.


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