I Am on Radio Talk Show on Thursday about Migraines: Listen In!

Do you have questions about migraines?

On Thursday, February 2nd, at 10 am Central (8 am Pacific, 11 am Eastern) I will be on a radio talk show for an hour with host Patrick Timpone at One Radio Network (located in Austin, Texas) talking about migraines and health. The radio station invites emailed-in questions you wish me to answer and provides a toll-free number to call in and ask.

The show is broadcast over the internet live so no matter what country you are located in, you can listen in. The podcast can be downloaded and shared. More updates will follow since I only have my name showing on the schedule and not yet the write-up of the discussion.

Here is the schedule page, email: email@oneradionetwork.com and phone 888.663.6386

If you want to listen in for today’s shows live the discussion is on health. healthy fats, and how to stop your doctors from killing you. My show will be broadcast live there as well. The podcast will be available to download and share!

Enjoy and listen to mine on Thursday! Please share!

Looking forward to hearing from you by email or phone on Thursday!

(This page will be updated as the final page shows up with more detail at the station’s website)


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Skittles Fatten Cows! Wait a Minute! We Give Those to Our Kids Too!

Skittles to Fatten Cows?

You bet! It is well-known that cattle (and pigs) are fed all  kinds of things to fatten them up–grain is a great example. Now we learn they also eat Skittles. The problem is not that they eat Skittles but the reason why they do so and that requires a pause! A very serious pause about what YOU eat and what happens to you!

So let me preface this note on our most recent scientific understanding: carbohydrates (refined or the most fiber rich) are fattening while the fat you eat is not fattening since it is nutrient dense. The choice of words is wrong here since “fat” can mean that one is eating fat, or one has fat (fatty acid) in her tissues, or that one is actually fat (as in overweight); but these all mean very different things.

Fat (as Fatty Acid)

Fat as a fatty acid in one of three essential main macro nutrients we must eat. The other two are protein (amino acids) and carbohydrate. There are very big differences in what these macro nutrients do but I will not get into the details since the focus now is on fat. However, I want to point out one very important fact: eating fat (as in fatty acids in food) will not make you fat (as in overweight). The thing that gets you fat (as in overweight) is carbohydrates.


As noted earlier, there are several types of carbohydrates of which we are most familiar with the categorization of “refined” and “complex”.

Examples of carbohydrates (both refined and complex): Skittles, table sugar, honey, all kinds of bread (including whole wheat), anything made with corn (including popcorn), vegetables (all vegetables including spinach and broccoli that are pushed on us like there is no day without them), fruits (all fruits without exception), all juices (even your morning orange juice squeezed from your own oranges grown on your own tree in a non-GMO organic manner), all pastas, all bakery goods, rice, cereal (let’s face it, some of those are candies), and oh yes… all candies as well. I may have left some items out so be to clear, if it is grown on a plant or under ground or on a tree, or it is a plant, it is carbohydrates.

This doesn’t mean you cannot have some fruits or vegetables, obviously, but watch how much and which kinds you eat. There are many Low carbs High Fat (LCHF) groups and books to guide you.

Carbohydrates as Fat (meaning overweight)

The metabolic process of carbohydrates is conversion to glucose and fructose–all carbohydrate types have at least one though most both. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are not essential to life.

Carbohydrates are not necessary building blocks for other molecules, and the body can obtain all its energy from protein and fat. Thus you could leave out carbohydratefrom you diet provided you get enough protein, fat including essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and water.” (source)

The body cannot use fructose for much of anything (the gut bacteria can but only if you eat fructose with insoluble fiber still bonded to it); fructose intolerance is quite common, particularly in children, which makes me think it is something we didn’t used to eat and now need to adapt to. Fructose causes lot of troubles, among which one is that it makes perfect triglyceride (the bad type cholesterol). Glucose can be created from protein (and even from fat) so there is really no reason for us to eat a single fruit or vegetable let alone pastries, cakes, or Skittles. But since many people and particularly children eat Skittles, let’s see why they feed them to cows.

You all are familiar with the term “grass-fed” cows. They are priced at a premium because they are not grain or Skittles fed. The difference is three-fold.

  1. Grain (and Skittles and starches like tapioca) make for fatter cows!
  2. Grain fed cows get those people sick who have gluten allergy or sensitivity or otherwise don’t eat grains at all. There are many of us out there!
  3. Grain fed cows are cheaper and more efficient to grow. If you noticed, most cattle farms have no grass under the cows at all only dirt. They are fed grains because, just like in people, carbohydrates make cows fat.

Skittles: probably few people are allergic to Skittles but Skittles does the same to people as it does to cows: Skittles makes cows and us fat too! Are you or you child eating Skittles?

Carbohydrates and Heart Disease

The most controversial subject about nutrition of this century has been that eating fat doesn’t clog your arteries with fat. Carbohydrates clogs your arteries up. Eating fat doesn’t raise your blood pressure but eating carbohydrates does. Eating fat doesn’t cause type 2 diabetes since fat doesn’t use insulin but eating carbohydrates does and it can cause type 2 diabetes. Eating fat doesn’t cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease but eating carbs does–particularly if the carbohydrates are fructose rich.

So Let’s Get Back to Skittles

Skittles are made of a ton of sugar (carbohydrates) that is a combination of glucose and fructose of mass destruction to the body. Are you going to eat those cows that were fed Skittles?

Comments are welcome, as always


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example for open database for doctor payments



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The Top 100!

The Top 100 in 2016

I started writing for Hormones Matter at the end of 2014–a little over two years ago. Since then I wrote 18 articles. From the 18 I wrote so far, 5 made this year’s top 100 and 2 are listed among the all-time top 25.

Here they are:

In The Top 100

Himalayan Salt – Flint on Global Scale? (here)

Dehydration and Salt Deficiency Trigger Migraine (here)

Topamax: The Drug with 9 Lives (here)

Silent Death – Serotonin Syndrome (here)

The Truth About Salt (here)

And in the All Time Top 25:

Himalayan Salt – Flint on Global Scale? (here)

Dehydration and Salt Deficiency Trigger Migraine (here)

I hope you will visit all the articles (not just the ones I wrote) and learn a great deal about all kinds of health issues in a scientific way! I am very proud of this, not because my articles made it to the top but because there are so many great articles on so many topics of interest, all with great scientific knowledge and acumen. I truly enjoy my time writing for Hormones Matter and feel honored to be one of their writers.

Comments are welcome, as always.


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Support Petition for Healthy Nutritional Guidelines!

Petition for the Support of Nutritional Learning


In case the embedded link doesn’t work, here is the link to sign the petition.

It will take you less than a minute to sign your name but may change the lives of millions in the US.

The Petition

In the era when healthy nutrition guidelines need to change annually with the many new findings, the United States’ nutrition advisory committee is lagging significantly behind. There are no requirements for any doctor or nutritionist to update their knowledge and to pass a test (annually) on what is a healthy or a harmful diet and for what health conditions.


1) RNs don’t know that vegetables, fruits, and grains are carbohydrates. This is a tragedy.

2) Nutritionists are educated only with the old mantra that is 60+ years old; got the US obese and sick. These are: grains, low-fat, vegetable oils, and high sugar fruits and even candies are great for type 2 diabetes. They ignore that these spike insulin terribly high and are unhealthy for diabetics and may even cause type 2 diabetes.

3) Doctors are not trained on nutrition at all. While the LCHF (low carbs high fat) and the ketogenic diets are already used for weight reduction, reversing type 2 diabetes, and all metabolic syndromes, in addition to the ketogenic diet being therapeutically used for the treatment of seizures, Parkinson’t disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer, most doctors have not even heard the words LCHF or “ketogenic” let alone be able to advise their patients on what to eat for health.

4) By now scientific literature explained that cholesterol is made from carbohydrates and not fat. It is time to advise patients to stop eating refined sugars and start eating a healthy nutritious diet without negative health consequences.

5) Implement the Canadian doctors’ manifesto of “HOW DIETARY GUIDELINES NEED TO CHANGE” in the US (please see source here: http://www.nutrition-coalition.org/manifesto-3/ )

By now there are millions of people who took on the nutritional challenge themselves all over the US proving that grain diet is wrong, sugar is poison, and animal fats are the healthiest for the human health.

It is time for the medical community to start preventing disease when such prevention is available (as is proper nutrition) and to start treating diseases at their root cause (bad nutritional advise that is over 60 years old).

Please help push the US toward a healthier future! Please sign and share!



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Ignorance? Fear of New? Stupid?

Sugar Is Killing Us

Gary Taubes wrote a short article in the Wall Street Journal with the title “Is Sugar Killing Us?” on 12/9/2016. The article is super. It is a small expose of the many misleading events that led us to obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes in huge numbers that was unprecedented before.  The direction from eating sugar to these diseases is very straight-forward. I will not waste my or your time describing it since I have in the past many times–look back at my previous blog posts on this blog or here or here.

Rather I wish to talk about the comments that follow the article. I was floored when I started reading them. At the time I am writing this blog, there were 80 comments posted after the article. I copy-paste a few here for examples–names appear as they appeared in the comments with links to the person–it is a public site:

Sharon Block
So in other words, there is no empirical evidence it’s bad.
This article was a waste of time.

Bill Reichert
If sugar is “killing us”  as the  author claims, why is it that while sugar consumption as been rising for the past 100 years, the average life span of males has risen in  1900  from 48 years to 76 years in 2011. Is it the caffeine in Coke?  The chocolate in chocolate chips? The vanilla in frosting on cup cakes and in little Debbies?

Breck Henderson
Two observations.  A rise in diabetes and obesity that coincides with an increased consumption of sugar is not the same as a demonstration of cause and effect.  The rise of diabetes also coincides with the watching of more NFL football games, but the NFL is probably not to blame.  Second, the key to good health is exercise.  Lots of exercise, regularly over an entire lifetime.  When so many jobs are sedentary office jobs instead of active factory jobs, and walking is the rare choice over an automobile ride — well, you decide.  Personally, I probably eat more sugar than Mr. Taubes would recommend, but have no problem with obesity or diabetes because I spend a lot of time in the gym, on the tennis court and other places where exercise is required.

Oh my gosh!!! These were just 3 comments plucked from the many posted in the past few hours. I just about fainted!

Why Don’t They Get It?

I really shouldn’t care at all about what these comments say. After all, I don’t know Gary Taubes, though I read all his books and most of his articles. However, I do know the history of the tragedy that touches over 50% of the US population, which you can call Syndrome X or obesity or whatever you wish. The most commonly known term is obesity, which in the US today represents over 40% of the population–there is variability between ethnic groups. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, 9.3% of the US population had active type 2 diabetes (these include only those people who knew they had that). Type 2 diabetes used to be reserved for the aging but now it is prevalent in all ages, including children. Now even 3-year olds can end up with type 2 diabetes. I could not find statistics for later years in the quick but I would not be shocked to see an over 25% figure for 2016.

So now, if you follow all the links I put above (they open on a new page), please help me find an answer to this question:

What’s wrong with those people who commented on Taubes’ article on the damaging effects of sugar like that?

The evidence is there. Whether Taubes had enough space in the WSJ to put any citations (or if it is even appropriate to do so) could be a question but not held against the author. After all, how many of those commentators have actually published a newspaper or a journal article? Do they know the rules? Since I have, I know the rules. It is not always possible to place a single citation or reference into a publication! So hush people!

I was fuming but I have a place to vent: this is it.  Thanks for reading my misery.

Because if I ever sign in to the WSJ and start responding to those comments, a war will ensue. While I prefer to think of people as ignorant or just want to avoid facts; I can see I am being misguided by my trust in people.

Some people are just either mean or stupid or both! I just had to say that! Pardon my rudeness!

Your comments are welcome as always–and be warned that ugly comments will not see the light of day! So don’t even try!


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A Migraineur in a Noisy Jazz Club Without Migraine?

Not only migraine but also medicine free!

New testimonial today: a migraineur heading to a jazz club, enjoys loud music and no migraine! Impossible? It is impossible until the migraineur is migraine and medicine free!

“Have to publicly thank Angela Stanton … this [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] is life changing! Joined two months ago, not perfect, but changes are happening that are benefiting my life in many ways. Thanks! Awesome example: husband looooves going to jazz clubs. I haven’t been able to go in years, despite also loving jazz music. Well, guess what? We went last night, and I am migraine free! Not even a little headache! This was no small feat on a Friday: we live 90 minutes south of the jazz club we like, and 90 minutes only in good traffic. On a Friday, after a storm that gave us lots of snow …” read more here.

Please share this with migraineurs you know!

I want to reach out to all migraineurs from all over the world! Over 4000 are already migraine free and most also already completely medicine free! The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is not a medicinal approach–no supplements or vitamins to purchase. There is a book to purchase but the e-book is about US$3 and that’s it. The paperback is around US$19. Nothing else to buy and no need to participate the free Facebook group either–though the group is very helpful!

It is a lifestyle change that all migraineurs can do.

Please share! Migraineurs get permanently damaged by the drugs they get from their doctors. There is a solution without drugs! Help your migraineur family member or friend or colleague change their lives for the better and help them prevent brain damage that their medicines cause by simply ensuring they don’t need to take them!

Comments and questions are welcome as always!


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The Eating Culture of Want vs Need


I just published an article today as part of the huge movement toward helping people understand what really makes us sick, why there are so many people with metabolic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and so forth.

Some of the old and totally wrong 20th Century explanations are very much still alive: eat less, exercise more, eat more “heart healthy” grains, fruits and vegetables, eat less artery clogging fat. The fact is that these advises are the very ones that created the obesity epidemic. To start with fat doesn’t become artery clogging cholesterol since cholesterol is actually made from glucose and fructose, neither of which is in fat at all but they are the main constituents of the food they recommend you eat: all forms of carbohydrates, which include grains, fruits, vegetables, and sweeteners of all kinds. Reduced carbohydrate diets provide more benefits than reduced fat diets do.

Researchers have known this for a long time but it is hard to swim against the tide of industry founded research and a medicinal system that doesn’t require its doctors to take classes in nutrition and doesn’t require those with nutritional training to update their knowledge every year! Thus, the tragedy of making Americans sick continues on a larger scale–it is global now–for the benefit of all pharmaceuticals.

The Tragedy of the American Diet

I can only reach so many people with my message but at least I try. The food you want to eat is addictive! What you eat is not what your body needs! Pay attention because you will pay the price by having to fall victim of the bad food ==> drugs that lead to lost limbs (type 2 diabetes), two seats to be purchased on planes (obesity), heart attacks (cardiovascular disease), and many really bad drugs for life with a not so happy life.

What We Want is Not What We Need

This article I published reveals the thoughts of one of my Facebook migraine group members who had a light bulb go off in a very enjoyable-to-read way. I asked for permission to share that message and I wrote my article around it. That article provides scientific proof why you have trouble dropping weight, why you have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, why there is no such as “high cholesterol”.

Even if you fall into that extremely small group of people who were born with hyperlipidemia, in which case your cholesterol is extremely high, since high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease but inflammation does, you may want to search for dietary change options other than statins. A huge study was published in the Annual Nutrition and Metabolism in 2015 that can be read here (it is nearly a book). This entire edition is about how higher cholesterol is actually better for longevity and health.

This is a paradigm shift; We better start paying attention.

Low cholesterol is associated with higher mortality even in those with coronary heart disease! Cholesterol is essential for life! Our body makes it, our brain makes its own cholesterol it is so essential for brain development and maintenance! What happens when you reduce cholesterol with a drug? Your body starts to fall apart, so…. Pharmaceuticals get to sell you other drugs and supplements that replace the minerals your body is blocked from making as a result of the use of cholesterol lowering medicines. I particularly get angry when women are prescribed statins: women live longer and healthier lives with more cholesterol!

One of the biggest cholesterol lowering medicines’ side effects is vitamin D deficiency. While I bet you thought I was going to mention becoming impotent, nerve and mood damages, cognitive function, muscle wasting, etc., since these are listed on the label of these medicines (see FDA label update here), I thought of one that is rarely mentioned instead.

“[V]itamin D is critical for metabolizing minerals and is linked to the expression of 200 different genes. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, 17 different cancers, heart disease, cognitive dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, and muscle and bone ailments. In fact, low levels of vitamin D are linked to higher rates of mortality.” (see here)

Vitamin (hormone actually) D deficiency leads to a host of problems since it  leads to calcium deficiency ==> osteoporosis; thyroid hormone deficiency ==> thyroid medicines, obesity and osteoporosis among other things) that forces D enhanced milk on us to drink and D supplementation.

Why do I mention vitamin D and cholesterol in the same sentence? Because without adequate cholesterol, your skin cannot synthesize vitamin D no matter how much time you spend on the sun! I hardly meet a woman over 50 these days who in not taking supplements for most of these conditions, all caused either by reduced fat diets, or the use of statin drugs, or both.

Comments are welcome, as always.



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Angry! I am Very Angry!

I receive tags on FB in posts about articles that publish claiming to know what migraine is. I have yet to see an article (in popular domain like newspaper, magazine and similar) that does  not start with migraine as a headache or pain disorder!

Migraine In Not A Headache!

Migraine is Not a Pain Disorder Either!

Here is my latest response to a Facebook post to an article published in The Guardian, a rather respectful UK newspaper, on migraines, which was full of completely wrong information:

…this article is total BS…. all old stuff and half of it is untrue! To start with very few people stop migraine as they reach into their 60s–many start it at that age instead. I have treated MANY people past their 60s with migraine and men as well. Also, migraine doesn’t throb… just a bunch of bull really. Please ignore ALL literature published about migraine.

I have conducted the only longitudinal study (3 years just on FB) and longer prior to that with over 4000 migraineurs by now. I know precisely the cause of migraine–I am also a migraineur….

All migraineurs in my care stop their medicines and remain migraine free, return to work and fun, etc., and never need another migraine medicine ever again as long as they maintain the necessary prevention (stick to the Stanton Migraine Protocol®). There is a prevention!

Migraine is Genetic

About 80% of the prodrome types are not known to the scientific community! Those currently in my migraine group get a great giggle about what scientists come up with because they are so wrong. Unfortunately, the drugs they create to treat their imaginary reason for migraines cause permanent damage to migraineurs’ brain and often mess up their metabolic system, which is already compromised by expressed genes that migraineurs are also endowed with (1-17). I only inserted 17 citations because I got tired of trying to prove my point but there are hundreds if the scientific community just had someone help them read all information already available and managed to find someone who can connect the dots.

I am a scientist and have connected the dots! 

The process used in medicine free and the outcome is becoming migraine free. Aha! This is the problem! If there is no pain to treat, there is no money to be made!

Pain = Money

This is a VERY serious matter. Everyone is focused on the pain because that way money can be made but

  1. there are migraines without pain (silent migraines)
  2. the pain is a symptom that happens at the end of the process cascade that leads to the pain phase–the prodromes of migraines can be far worse and more complex to understand. Preventing the migraine while in prodrome is very possible.
  3. There are several hours in which one can prevent the pain if the particular prodrome signs are observed and acted upon. I just give you one here that I already published but gets completely ignored: migraineurs get one eye smaller than the other about 4 hours before the pain hits. This is one of many prodromes that seem to be unanimously present in all migraineurs but which is not known to scientists.

I explain more migraine prodromes here.

I wish scientists would listen up but they cannot act even if they are listening. A medicine-free migraine prevention will not get research funding and is impossible to pass on to the community. Publishing in academic journals is impossible since that is against all dogma.

I work very successfully along the path of grassroots with thousands of migraineurs. Eventually it will reach a threshold number of migraine and medicine free migraineurs and science will have no choice but pay attention. My process is known already by many doctors and hospitals–I get migraineurs referred to me all the time.

I also get many short-term migraine group members from places like the Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and many other big name hospitals and institutions. Some hospitals are familiar with the Stanton Migraine Protocol® and my name as well. By now there have been at least 100 universities from all over the globe in my migraine group for a very short time—short time because if they don’t follow the requirements, they are removed in a week. They are there to learn what I do so they can figure it all out. I appreciate that they are interested but I would even more appreciate if they tried to work with me instead of just looking at the magic and try to figure it out themselves.

My system works–I personally have not had a migraine (unless I deliberately cause one for experiment’s sake) for eons but yes, I can create a migraine at any time on demand, I can stop it on demand, and I can certainly prevent them all–and Guardian, I am past the age you refer to when I should have no migraines anymore.

The ONLY thing The Guardian got right is placing their article in the “Life and Style” section of the newspaper since indeed, migraine, while genetic, is a lifestyle-resolvable problem.

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iPress Release: What is the connection between nitrates and migraines?


What is the story? Interesting findings indeed and not what you would expect! After quite a bit of literature research I found a very new connection that no one has yet discovered or discussed! I don’t just mean deli meats or bacon as nitrates but nature richly endowed fresh produce in nitrates. So should you eat celery? Nearly all vegetables are high in nitrates!

Please read the article I wrote that summarizes my findings and turns the connection of nitrates to migraines (and to your health!) up-side-down.

Comments, as always, are welcome!


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