The New Migraine Preventive Drug–What You Need to Know

Aimovig™ (Erenumab) for Migraine Prevention.

Should You or Should You Not?

Below you find my description of what this new drug does and how and several comments from migraine sufferers that are worthy to read. All of this comes from my public person Facebook page, so you can find it all here. I copy-pasted the discussion as it is at this moment.

After reading this, you will see why you should tell all your friends to stop informing you of this new drug and leave you alone. This drug is not for you.

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Doctors are Starting to Understand the NEW Diet!

Another Doctor Came Around!

I will be posting all these unusual events that my migraineurs go through so you can see how hard it is to change one’s nutrition approach by turning against the USDA dietary guidelines and get the acceptance (let alone support and help) of your doctor.

This migraineur is in Canada, which makes it even harder, since they have a socialized medicine that I so far found–through other migraineurs in Canada–to be extremely rigid, allowing treatments only within a very narrow set of guidelines. So I was so shocked to read what happened–as was my migraineur to experience her visit to her doctor–so I decided to share with you (with her permission) what she wrote about her visit today. This is in the ketogenic group I manage that you can find here:

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A Most Amazing Migraine Treatment

From One of the Many Amazing Migraine Sufferers

“Two and a half years ago I began treatment at the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute, in Ann Arbor. I went on and off nearly 30+ prophylactics and abortive medications, gained 50lbs, had two inpatient hospital stays, both 14 days in length, met with the neurologists in A2 every 4 weeks, had numerous nerve blocks (steroids) both with and without sedation, 2 lumbar punctures, tried two rounds of botox, and i was still living with daily migraine pain, on average, of a 3 on a 5 scale. I started suffering from cardiac issues such as SVT’s that needed medication and venous insufficiency. The medications were taking a serious toll on my body.

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USDA Dietary Guidelines; Will They Change?

USDA Request for Public Comments

The USDA has decided to open its ears by requesting public opinion in the form of comments about very specific areas it will consider for its next dietary guideline, which is due out in 2020. The comment period end on March 30th at midnight Eastern Time. The original invitation and the specifics of what needs to be included can be found here.

Complex Questions!

The questions to be commented on are very specific and detailed:  Continue reading

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Ignore government nutrition guidelines–UK Prime Minister told!

LCHF Diet for Brits for Type 1 & 2 Diabetes

“Government guidelines that advise putting starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes and rice at base of a recommended diet have described as a ’35 year fad that has driven obesity related illness with disastrous consequences for public health’
By cutting sugar and starchy carbohydrates from his diet, Type 1 diabetic MEP for Wales Nathan Gill has reduced insulin requirements by 50% and now urges Prime Minister, Theresa May, also a type 1 diabetic to do the same.” (Read the full release: Ignore government guidelines to beat diabetes, obesity, heart disease and save NHS hundreds of millions, UK Prime Minister told)

he continues:  Continue reading

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An Amazon Book Review that Made Me Cry

A Special 5* Review for Stanton Migraine Protocol’s book

I would like to share a very special review I received on my book at amazon yesterday. It made me cry a few tears because the story is so familiar to all migraineurs–including me. So get your tissue box ready and read the wonderful testimonial, which is on amazon: Continue reading

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What’s Wrong in “The keto diet, explained” on Vox

What She Says

Julia Belluz, Senior health correspondent and evidence enthusiast, wrote an article on Vox with the title “The keto diet, explained” except that nothing she wrote really explains anything right about the keto diet.

While I am not planning to write a full explanation here about the ketogenic diet (I am working on a book about that), I will set a few points she suggests straight. Continue reading

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The Science of Fasting that No One Knew About

200 years of data of >10k patients!

I was sent a message on Facebook by one of the migraineurs I work with about a film titled The Science of Fasting. She mentioned that it is available on Amazon Prime, which I have, so I started to watch it. I am on the ketogenic diet and fasting intermittently is part of my daily routine. I was curious what the science says behind fasting. Boy was I in for a surprise! Actually I was in for one of the biggest shocks of my life.

What is Fasting?

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What if Migraine is a Metabolic Disease?


Today, on a science blog, my article was published about migraine as a metabolic disease. It is a new concept. Do you agree?

The logic is as follows: I work with thousands of migraineurs. I now require in-home 5-hour blood glucose testing for all migraineurs. Of those who so far have taken this 5-hour test, nearly all show insulin resistance to various degrees (hyperglycemia to reactive hypoglycemia). Continue reading

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The connection of Trehalose & deadly pathogens


Dr. Chandler Marrs’ latest blog “A Molecular Boondoggle: Commercial Trehalose and Pathogenic Virulence explains the connection. Indeed, it explains much more than just how we have created “superbugs” that resist antibiotics, survive even boiling or subzero temperatures. The method by which all these changes happen are show-stopping and yet, as you will read in Dr. Marrs’ paper, we encourage such pathogenic survival. Continue reading

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