Do We Understand Cholesterol?

Blood clot forming in arterial plaque. Credit: Annie CavanaghAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

I am sure you know what cholesterol is and also believe that doctors and scientists all know what cholesterol is and they also should know what cholesterol does. I beg to disagree.

LDL: Is Yours High or Low?

I was thinking about the reason for the high LDL in some folks and low LDL in other folks. Our healthcare is very LDL-focused but does anyone understand what LDL actually is?

LDL is not cholesterol. It never was and never will be a cholesterol. LDL is acronym for Low Density Lipoprotein and, as the acronym implies, it is a lipid (fat) and protein ball. Cholesterol is not a fat but a waxy substance that cannot travel in the blood, which is water-based. LDL on the blood tests is the measure of these little balls made of protein and fat. So why are we calling it a cholesterol and why are we measuring it?

Good question.

HDL: Is Yours High or Low?

Not unlike LDL, HDL is also not a cholesterol. HDL is an acronym for High Density Lipoprotein. Yep, you guessed it, it too is a lipid and protein ball and not cholesterol. So why are we calling it cholesterol and why are we measuring it?

Good question.

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And Now She is No Longer with ADA

She left in early 2021. I presume she was fired–or at least asked to resign–as a result of her turning against big pharma and making it public that she reversed her type 2 diabetes by simply cutting carbohydrates. Below, the original story, published in 2020.

The Power of Anecdotal Evidence by the CEO

In February 2020, the then ADA CEO announced that she is on her way to reversing type 2 diabetes by her new way of eating: low carbs. She lost a lot of weight, and her type 2 diabetes was close to remission. But then the ADA is funded by pharmaceuticals, especially those that sell insulin for people with type 2 diabetes. Imagine the financial loss to ADA if the CEO can reverse her T2D without medications!

***The link here was updated on 9/15/2020 because the original was removed. Concerns have arisen that she may lose her job if she doesn’t stop advocating the low carbs diets, because the ADA receives it’s financial support from big pharma that sells insulin to those with T2D

As many of you know, I have been writing about nutrition for several years. Usually the story is disappointing because most of the time it’s about debunking a badly formulated peer reviewed academic publication. Well… here you are in for a bit of a surprise!

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All About Migraines: Video Interview Part 1

An awesome video that you will find here:

Part 2 is yet to come. I hope you will watch us or listen to us.

Comments are welcome, as always, and moderated for appropriateness.


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I Am Plagiarized! Should I Feel Angry or Happy?

Stealing: One boy is caught by an irate farmer while stealing his apples from the orchard and another has the seat of his trousers ripped by a dog as he tries to escape over the fence. Colour wood engraving.. Credit: Wellcome CollectionPublic Domain Mark

I would never in a million years have thought that I would find my work being plagiarized (stolen) by medical doctors! There are now two such plagiarists I know of, though there may be more. This latest theft I was alerted to by a migraineur who bumped into it on TikTok.

If you have a TikTok account, watch this doctor explaining what a “salt test” is and how it can help migraines, as if it were her discovery: here and her name is Dr.Beth.Osteo.Migraines on TikTok with a very British accent (Update: she is from Melbourne, so not British but Aussie accent). See more update at the end of the article.

I took the liberty and commented on her post, calling her theft to attention. She is using the expression salt test, something I have coined in my book (already in my first book, which was published at the end of 2013 or early 2014, and explains how it works. The salt test is something that is very specific to my protocol, which is used by all of the migraineurs I work with and is also explained in my current book (2nd edition, published in 2017) Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide: How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines.

There is another doctor on YouTube, Dr. Eric Berg, who also stole the exact same expression that you can hear him explain here. I was also alerted to that plagiarism by a migraineur who follows my protocol and was watching this YouTube video. There too, I have commented, as did many of the migraineurs I work with did.

Why am I saying that this two doctors are plagiarizing? Because neither of them cites the source where they have learned about the salt test, which is not something I just randomly coined, but there is an entire process behind it. Furthermore, if done incorrectly, it may make a migraine worse rather than better. But neither doctor understand the principles and the reasons behind the salt test so they don’t mention what to do and why if it works or if it doesn’t work.

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New Drug Approved? Really? Why?

Can We Believe Anything These days?

On June 7, 2021, the FDA granted approval to a drug that no one on the expert panel–selected by the FDA to oversee this decision–approved of.

Yep, you read this right! Of the panel of experts the FDA selected to evaluate whether this new drug should be approved or not, all said: NO. So what did the FDA do? Well… but of course! It approved it! Since then, one member of this expert committee has resigned–likely more to follow.

And you and I… well… we don’t count.

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Fuming Over Clueless Doctors: Statins

Cholesterol molecule from
Cholesterol molecule from

In one of my Facebook migraine groups, I constantly get new members getting their required laboratory blood tests, which I ask for to get an idea of their general heath and vitamin/mineral needs. One of the tests I ask for is their cholesterol. I primarily ask for this to judge where their metabolic health is, since in our modern understanding, it is the ratio of triglycerides and HDL that provide a reasonable estimate of metabolic health, as well as clearly a risk index that can be used to judge cardiac health. There are countless articles on this, here are two for your reference: here and here.

The general guideline (using mg/dL cholesterol results) is that this ratio is:

  • Ideal between 0.6 -< 1
    • Great between 1 -< 2
    • Acceptable 2 -< 3
    • And cardiovascular risk if  >3

In the community of low carbers, meaning people who eat any of the low carbs/no carbs ways: LCHF (low carbs high fat), Keto, or CD (carnivore), we simply don’t see anyone with cardiovascular risk factors once they have been on one of these ways of eating. Why not? Because carbohydrates are responsible for high triglycerides—see example literature on this here. And we know that HDL is the good cholesterol because it helps remove cholesterol fragments and spent LDL, you can read about this here. Note that neither LDL nor total cholesterol is part of the cardiovascular risk factor evaluation at all!

Here is a sample evaluation tool (created for nurses) for cardiovascular disease, and here is one for type 2 diabetes… in which do you see Cholesterol even mentioned?

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Interviews and Other Goodies Update

Podcasts, Lectures, & More!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to add anything to my blog. I am posting links to two podcasts, one belatedly for lack of time, and an organization that hosts lectures, some of which I recorded–those yet to be posted. I am recording the last one this week!


Latest podcast with Casey and Bethany. This podcast is a bit of mix of everything, including my original research field, which is Neuroeconomics, and, of course, migraines. I truly enjoyed the questions I received! They were different from the other podcast interviews I had in the past. I finally also slowed down my speaking so you can even understand me! 😁🙈 I hope you enjoy listening to it here or if you prefer YouTube, here is the podcast (voice only):

Another podcast, which aired several weeks ago is here with Scott at The Carnivore Cast or here if you prefer YouTube (voice only):

Lectures & Conference

And, in between, I had been busy recording lectures for Nutrition Network where you can receive continuing educational credit if you are a healthcare provider and taking courses–including mine. And lastly, I have also presented at the World Summit on Nutrition in early March.

So this has been a very busy two months period. More interview to come next month. And I hope to write more as the year will come closer to its end, since I am also writing the 3rd edition of my migraine book–the 2nd edition Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide: How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines can be found here.

I hope everyone is well, staying healthy and happy!


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Hydration, Protein, Ketosis–a Video Interview

Electrolytes, Water Retention, Protein, Ketones on Keto and Carnivore with Dr. Angela Stanton

The latest interview with Vanessa Spina, SNS, on all things exciting about the ketogenic and carnivore diets. We could go on for hours chatting! She has such wonderful conversational style. I love interviews with her–this was my 3rd

Enjoy and comments, questions are welcome, as always, and are moderated for appropriateness, as always.

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What Will They Do When It Happens To Them?

Covid Denier Catches Covid — From NBC News

Change of Heart and Mind

These days I can hardly take a step or turn a page without bumping into some naysayer about Covid-19. I was on my hike in the hills the other day when a woman came toward me on my path, which was a narrow one, and so I stepped aside to let her pass–since we were hiking on a difficult trail, neither of us wore a mask. Huffing and puffing from extreme exercise is not possible with a mask. Then again, I didn’t expect to bump into another human on my trail.

She yelled toward me as she saw me step aside “No need! There is no Covid!”. I looked at her and told her “interesting because I had it”… She looked back like she saw a ghost and continued on her path as if the conversation had never taken place. Continue reading

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Long Covid, Short Covid, Don’t Know If Covid–What Do You Have?

Do I Have Long Covid?

This is a good question that we may never find the answer to. This is a personal story but it also incorporates the stories of thousands of people who have similar stories. While the conspiracy theorists and denial theorists are trying their hardest to twist the Covid story to be unrecognizable, some people–millions actually–are silently suffering with and dying from Covid.

What’s with the chasm between those that don’t believe and those who are sick?

One thing: those that are in denial haven’t yet caught it… I wonder what they will say if they do catch it? It won’t be pretty I can assure you that.

What’s The Story?

Covid harms, even if it doesn’t kill. In fact, I never had Covid. Or so I thought, until I got a phone call from my pulmonary doctor asking: “When did you have Covid?” I was at the steepest part of my daily 3-5-mile hike in the hills and I just about fell on my face! I said “What do you mean? I have not been sick at all!” And then he explained that on my last lung CT scan a week earlier (October 2020), I showed the classic ground-glass-opacity shadow, what is a potential “scar” from Covid. Continue reading

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