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The Truth Revealed in the UK–Then Silenced… Again!

Just recently this post appears here and before they remove it, I posted the PDF. And remove it they will since all of the leaders of the National Obesity Forum, that already caused some resignations and surely more will follow. So before … Continue reading

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Are We Scared of Salt?

New article on salt is out! Why Are We So Scared of Salt? Over the past several decades, the general consensus of health professionals has been to recommend that all people lower their salt intake. Without the recognition of the … Continue reading

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Salt; the Good, the Bad, and the Evil. Finally It Is the GOOD!

Salt has been on the “bad food” list for some time now in the US and also in other countries, particularly in the UK. It ended up as “bad” because some researcher showed some correlation (incorrectly) that salt and blood … Continue reading

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