10 Responses to War Against Red Meat

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  2. chris c says:

    As the estimable Michael Eades pointed out, if you torture the data long enough it will confess to anything.

    Isn’t Circulation the journal of the American Heart Association? Their sponsors would approve. It’s the same whenever Walt Wallet and Frank Hunilever are involved.

    What I want to know is, why don’t they warn us about green hairy meat? That stuff IS dangerous.


    • Hey Chris, long time no see.. I just got back from vacation myself.

      Indeed, the green hairy meat.. they will support it because it uses what they get paid for: agriculture is knee deep into rot to get these awful products into the shopping markets!! What I wonder is why they are allowed to call it “meat”. The FDA is just waking up on nut and soy juices called “milk” and said they will regulate and prohibit the word “milk” on these products. I am hoping they will also regulate these fake meat products to not be labelled meats.


      • chris c says:

        I’m retired so I’m on holiday all the time!

        Tom Naughton recently announced the ten year anniversary of his blog


        so I just had to go back and read/re-read it from the beginning. The curse of Aspergers/ADD/OCD but I’m back now.

        Just back from a shopping trip, I have a giant rump steak, lamb’s liver, bacon (of course) purple sprouting broccoli, mushrooms, various peppers and chillies and garlic. It’s a wonder I’m not already dead. Actually I would be if I’d continued eating the dietician’s infernal high carb low fat diet. I’d also be much fatter, on loads of drugs and probably with fewer than the average number of limbs. That would be a medical success story, kerching!

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  3. Roald Michel says:

    I see, Feynman’s cargo cult science is still up and joyfully running across the so called academic universe 😛 The scary thing is, though, that its translation and marketing to the laypeople’s world could make the general public accept and cherish stuff which they actually should resist and throw into their garbage bin.

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    • Completely agree Roald; hence these blogs. This is really the only avenue by which laypeople can read about doubts so they can question what is dished out to them. Grassroots seems to spread really well and fast though…


  4. Christine says:

    Brilliant take-down. I am not a statistician so it’s great to have this broken down and debunked. Thank you!

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