They Think They Can Hide The Truth! Nanana!!!

They Pulled It!

I was not kidding! The paper full of healthy diet truth was indeed pulled from the UK website and many of the leaders of the Obesity Forum Public Health Organization were forced to resign! It is a shame when trying to help people live healthy lives means you lose your job–not that this is specific to the UK since it happens everywhere.

Luckily, great timing from the part of a friend of mine and I was able to download the “evil truth” (I knew they were going to pull it!) so you can download and read it in its full glory from my website right here:


Why did they pull it?

Because if the truth comes out, the following industries loose major profits and since they support the government in research, the funds cannot be lost:

  • sugar,
  • grain or all kinds,
  • all food manufacturers that make vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, margarine, and alike,
  • all pharmaceuticals would stop selling statins (at least in the UK),
  • type 2 diabetes would be history so all medicines for that would also be history,
  • metabolic disorders would vanish,
  • people would not need extra-large chairs so even the furniture industry would suffer!

Of course, the entire medical field would have some people in the unemployment line:

  • doctors,
  • hospitals,
  • nurses,
  • pharmacies,
  • even nursing homes would suffer.

The additional huge blow would come from the plummeting number of people with heart disease to an all-time low, to only those born with a defective heart and no one else. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, possibly Parkinson’s, even some forms of MS and many other disorder such as depression, bipolar, etc., would all be history or minimal.

Nobel Prizes.

The biggest blow of it all would go to the researchers still waiting for their Nobel Prizes. There is no other reason for their continued reinforcement of the “heart-health” hypothesis, which is as follows:

60%-70% of your diet should come from carbs – like 13 servings of bread/grains a day, which for a standard 2000 Calorie diet would mean between 1200-1400 Calories, which is equal to 300 – 350 grams of carbs a day, which is equal to 8 Starbucks tall lattes with whipped cream–, 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, lots of sweetened juices, meat no more than 1-2 times a week max, minimal saturated fat if any at all (that means no coconut oil since that is saturated), only vegetable oil, hydrogenated oil or margarine, no dairy, no cheese).

After 100 years of it being a hypothesis, during which time numerous studies failed to show that this diet was good for human health and the same studies actually proved it wrong (they always had this funky statement or two at the end: the evidence is inconclusive so more study needed), it is still being pushed for the sake of ego, money, and the potential for recognition by a Nobel Prize.

Science advances a funeral at the time

We certainly have to wait for a few funerals. That should not stop you from stopping to follow the bad recommendations. You can make you own judgment of what is good for you. Start by reading the findings in the attached PDF, that were written by real experts, doctors, and researchers who face the sick every day and who themselves live by what they preach (this includes me!).

If you think that they are full of silly things like recommending saturated fat, dairy, red meat and eggs, then come to me and I will show you what transformation I went through by quitting all grains, all sugars, no sugar substitutes either, dumped ALL vegetable oils (including olive! Yes! It is not all that good! The Mediterranean diet is good because it is full of fish and not because of olive oil, which is new there too!), use lots of dairy, cook in butter and organic full lard!

I have never ever been healthier in my life, dropped a lot of weight (yes! I eat saturated animal fats and I am losing weight!), and am having the best quality life I have ever had as a result of changing my diet.

So read the truth and stop eating the bad diet (and believe it or not, the bad diet is NOT junk food!). Even if the authorities are trying to force all that sugar on you, the choice really is yours to eat or not eat it! The outcome is the same: by not eating any of the bad stuff, those industries will suffer exactly the same as if they let the truth out of the bag.

So do your part and be healthy by your own effort!

Comments are always welcome—debate is healthy but ugly stuff is controlled on this website so if you disagree, do it professionally so a healthy discussion can develop.


About Angela A Stanton, Ph.D.

Angela A Stanton, PhD, is a Neuroeconomist focusing on chronic pain--migraine in particular--physiology, electrolyte homeostasis, nutrition, and genetics. She lives in Southern California. Her current research is focused on migraine cause, prevention, and treatment without the use of medicine. As a forever migraineur from childhood, her discovery was helped by experimenting on herself. She found the cause of migraine to be at the ionic level, associated with disruption of the electrolyte homeostasis, resulting from genetic variations of all voltage dependent channels, gates, and pumps (chanelopathy) that modulate electrolyte mineral density and voltage in the brain. In addition, insulin and glucose transporters, and several other variants, such as MTHFR variants of B vitamin methylation process and many others are different in the case of a migraineur from the general population. Migraineurs are glucose sensitive (carbohydrate intolerant) and should avoid eating carbs as much as possible. She is working on her hypothesis that migraine is a metabolic disease. As a result of the success of the first edition of her book and her helping over 5000 migraineurs successfully prevent their migraines world wide, all ages and both genders, and all types of migraines, she published the 2nd (extended) edition of her migraine book "Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide: How To Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medications". The 2nd edition is the “holy grail” of migraine cause, development, and prevention, incorporating all there is to know. It includes a long section for medical and research professionals. The book is full of academic citations (over 800) to authenticate the statements she makes to make it easy to follow up by those interested and to spark further research interest. It is a "Complete Guide", published on September 29, 2017. Dr. Stanton received her BSc at UCLA in Mathematics, MBA at UCR, MS in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, PhD in Economics with dissertation in neuroscience (culminating in Neuroeconomics) at Claremont Graduate University, fMRI certification at Harvard University Medical School at the Martinos Center for Neuroimaging for experimenting with neurotransmitters on human volunteers, certification in LCHF/ketogenic diet from NN (Nutrition Network), certification in physiology (UPEN via Coursea), Nutrition (Harvard Shool of Public Health) and functional medicine studies. Dr. Stanton is an avid sports fan, currently power weight lifting and kickboxing. For relaxation (yeah.. about a half minute each day), she paints and photographs and loves to spend time with her family of husband of 45 years, 2 sons and their wives, and 2 granddaughters. Follow her on Twitter at: @MigraineBook, LinkedIn at and facebook at
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10 Responses to They Think They Can Hide The Truth! Nanana!!!

  1. Madge Hirsch says:

    I really don’t know where you get your notions about what constitutes a Mediterranean diet. Olive oil has been consumed in countries round the Med for more than 2000 years . Is that really “recent”? Bread too has been part of the diet for millenia. And though you tell people not to cook with olive oil it has always been used for cooking too in Mediterranean countries . The Spanish have recently become the longest living nation in the world. Have you ever been to Spain and seen what people eat? Here in south west France there is health and longevity. Neither we nor the Spanish would think of forgoing our pudding for Sunday lunch. But here we have a healthier attitude towards food than that in America. Food is not just about health on the one hand or profit on the other – that reflects the me obsessed attitudes that come from modern America. It is also about pleasure and sharing and sociability. These epdemics of obesity and diabetes are recent and have come about by abandoning real food . Our recent ancestors ate bread and potatoes and fruit and veg and some home made cakes too!! As for toxins in fruit and veg-we evolved to be omnivores. There were periods when animal protein and fat were scarce too and we had to make do with fruits and tubers and seeds . The human race would not have survived if we could not eat these in large quantities too..


    • “More than 2000 years” is recent Madge considering that human evolution is in millions of years. The South of France is not part of the “Mediterranean Diet” location (by the way Spain made it on the longevity list but is not #1). The original Mediterranean Diet I am referring to was only a few cities around the Mediterranean, here is a bit of an intro on the subject:

      “The origins of the “Mediterranean Diet” are lost in time because they sink into the eating habits of the Middle Ages, in which the ancient Roman tradition – on the model of the Greek – identified in bread, wine and oil products a symbol of rural culture and agricultural (and symbols elected of the new faith), supplemented by sheep cheese, vegetables (leeks, mallow, lettuce, chicory, mushrooms), little meat and a strong preference for fish and seafood (of which ancient Rome was very gluttonous) (2). The rich classes loved the fresh fish (who ate mostly fried in olive oil or grilled) and seafood, especially oysters, eating raw or fried. Slaves of Rome, however, was destined poor food consists of bread and half a pound of olives and olive oil a month, with some salted fish, rarely a little meat.” from here.

      Part of my family is French so I spent much time in France–especially the South of France; I am quite familiar with what people used to eat when I grew up there. While they certainly eat a bunch of dessert and baguettes today, when I grew up there, it was not the case. And later, when I went back to visit several times as an adult, bread was not served at a typical middle/upper middle class French home for/with dinner, unless you asked for it. Even side dishes were served after the main course of meat. Dessert was not served at all–cheese and fruits were.

      While households vary obviously, one doesn’t base statistics on one family and friends.

      I was just watching a film “The Perfect Human Diet” in which they analyzed human remains from many different era for collagen, using some type of radio dating; I forgot the details. The research is conclusive and is 100% certain–meaning this is not a paleontological “they may have…” but “this is what it was” analysis and the outcome: all “homo-X” (replace X with whatever homo-species) were carnivorous.


  2. JoJo P says:

    Angela, thanks so much for spreading the word. I know many people now, who’ve dieted all their lives and failed, who are now on low carb, high fat and have lost tons of weight and have also lost many of their health problems. It’s true that one person can change the world! Thanks again for your tireless efforts that have helped and saved countless lives!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Be Healthy says:

      Hi JoJo!

      Thank you for your comment! Nice to see you on my blog. 🙂

      Indeed! I just received back my blood test (first results since I started the high fat low carbs diet 3 months ago). My triglycerides–the bad stuff–went from 172 (February 3, 2016) to 76 (July 14, 2016)!!! All my blood test elements are great and the B-12 vitamins, always had to supplement all my life, I stopped a month ago and is checking out exactly where it should be: 600. So vitamin absorption way improved. BP is low as always, everything is in great shape. Overall the cholesterol numbers went up BUT for women my age 244 is the recommended upper limit and mine is 230. And all I eat is saturated animal fat, animal meats with loads of red meat (though protein is not high for me, about 50 gr max a day), loads of whole milk and cream, no sugar, no sugar substitutes, no grains of any kinds, the only fruit is blackberries and just a few a day, and only leafy vegetables with low carbs or cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini… that type. I have NEVER been healthier in my life. And lost weight (measurable reliably in inches since my weight is actually OK and I am losing fat rather than water or muscle). This was visible on the MRI I just also had for my back trouble. The amount of fat I am now not showing on the MRI compared with what I showed 2 years ago is amazing–yet my weight is actually the same. Amazing changes.

      So yes, let the diet revolution begin. It is a health revolution!!! Because the right diet heals! ❤



  3. Roald Michel says:

    Like I already wrote: I saved everything.

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    • Be Healthy says:

      As did I and the stuff is getting shared all over FB and elsewhere so the clueless can no longer hide the truth! 8)


      • Roald Michel says:

        Internet becomes more and more the thing fostering the next true revolution. And the good thing is…… can’t be stopped!

        And I won’t even mention Darknet. But that one is not for mainstreamers (yet) and maybe never will. >:D

        Liked by 1 person

        • Be Healthy says:

          Hmmm say more please. Never heard of Darknet!!! Do tell!!!


        • Roald Michel says:

          Darknet, Dark Net, Invisible web, Deep Web, Hidden Web, and probably even more names, indicating something that is not what is called Surface Web, the part you, I, and most of other people are using when busy on the Net. One could compare it with an iceberg. Most of it is not visible. There exists a lot of confusion about what is what. The part I was referring to is a place I would call the virtual underworld/ground, where things are going on nobody wants you to know about. Law abiding citizens will never go there. It’s a dangerous place. It’s the world of outlaws, bandits, anarchists, whistleblowers, terrorists, hackers, drug dealers, gamblers, special intelligence agents, adventurers, and people with a passion for sticking their noses into places they shouldn’t stick them at all, hehe.

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        • Be Healthy says:

          ye ya, ye….. looked it up 😉 I will look into that on a day I am not collapsing from being tired.. today was a real killer. On ketogenic diet so I had blood test to check me out tip to toe.. 13 vials of blood.. wow… so pooped. Plus had several consults so the brain is fried. Off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Nighterz!


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